Jeff McClintock

It's been a long time since we posted any SynthEdit news so a quick heads up about the latest beta version, v0.954.2 which has just been released.

Changes since v0.953:
  • Text-To-Float - value displayed correctly.
  • Added warning message if same sep found twice on startup.
  • Fixed sub-control disconnection.
  • Text Entry2 - New option, Multiline mode.
  • SDK + Beta updated - support for FLOAT, INT, BOOL, ENUM 'blue' plugs.
  • Non-Synthedit Imbedded files are now unloaded properly (*.htm, *.pdf etc.), and can be opened with the System Command module.
  • Patch Mem Text - now works in VST mode.
  • Fixed Crash with [List Entry]->[IO Mod]-->[IO Mod]--->nothing.
  • Fixed crash-on-exit with nested sub-panels.
  • Waveshaper - Fixed "Ignore Program Change".

For changes in earlier beta versions please see the SynthEdit beta version history here.



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