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Tobybear MiniHost v0.9e released


Tobybear has updated MiniHost to v0.9e.

Changes since 0.9a:
  • Many bugfixes.
  • Further ASIO improvements and bugfixes.
  • Different event handling, now many SynthEdit plugins work.
  • Different editor handling, now Atmosphere, Trilogy, Stylus and all Plugsound synths should work.
  • Drag n' drop support for MID and WAV files.
  • New feature: tempo synchronization! You can sync the tempo of the host to the current tempo of the MIDI file, the estimated tempo of the WAV file (4 beats assumed) and even sync to an external MIDI clock signal.
  • MIDI CC on virtual keyboard work again.
  • Better arpeggiator.
  • Experimental CPU display in settings window.
  • Step-sequencer now also has octave option.
  • Presets can be moved up/down in preset manager's list.
  • Experimental "quick" menu for shortcuts/quick access.
  • New hotkey: F10 to show/hide MIDI Tools.
  • Improved file open/save dialogs.
  • MIDI port setting saved properly now.
  • Improved closing/switching of plugins.
  • Stuck keys on virtual keyboard fixed.
  • Warning if trying to open several instances.
  • Internal VSTSpy improved.


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