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Synthplex - New synthesizer event launches March 28-31, 2019


Synthplex, a new "all things synthesizer" event, will take place March 28-31at the LA Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel & Convention Center. It will feature; Trade show exhibits/ Educational and Technology based seminars/ History lesson seminars/ Master Q&A Sessions with industry icons/ Hands-on DIY Synth build workshops/ Live synth concert performances every evening/ Pop-up synth museum and a Saturday evening Dinner Banquet with house band & keynote speaker. Tickets can be purchased here.

Who should Attend?

Synthplex is open to consumers, artists, manufacturers, music stores and their buyers, studio owners, music schools and their students and Synthplex will feature synthesizer related products from most of today's premier manufacturers.

Why should they attend?

Synthplex was founded by entrepreneurs and synthesizer enthusiasts; Michael Learmouth and Michael Lehmann Boddicker. Here's what they say: "In this age of on-line social media, there is no substitute for people coming together face to face. One on one relationship building is the reason for having such an event... We have an excellent community of synthesizer enthusiasts and we look forward to when we can meet up, interact and learn new things about synthesis. Until now, California had nothing like Synthplex and therefore we have launched it right here in the heart of the music business world. In our synth community, there are many great people and great friendships that already exist, and at Synthplex many new friendships will be created, and Synthplex is where like minded people come together for the love of all things synthesizer."

Where is it?

The event will take place in the heart & soul of the west coast music industry, the Los Angeles / Burbank / Hollywood area. The LA Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel & Convention Center, 2500 North Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505.


March 28-31, 2019.

Gear exhibits:

The 20,000 square foot Synthplex exhibit hall will be set up in three adjacent rooms to help curb noise levels and to group exhibitors by types of products. There will be one room for Modular, another room for Hardware Synths & Accessories, and a third room for Software Virtual Synths. The founders hope that three separate exhibit hall areas and will allow visitors and exhibitors to interact in a quieter environment. There will even be a "silent area" for exhibitors who wish to communicate with their customers using only headphones & headset microphones.

Educational Seminars:

The Synthplex founders believe it is critically important that they continue to educate and train the older and newer generations of synthesizers enthusiasts. There will have experts giving technical seminars, and seminars for all levels, beginner, intermediate and experts.

There will be seminars on Eurorack gear that cover how to utilize certain modules and how to create unique patches using CV, sequencers and clock sources. The goal is offer a better understanding of how to use the various modules in conjunction with each other.

Synth-related company history seminars:

Synthplex will also feature seminars on the history of synthesis, synthesizers and their manufacturers. They have recruited renowned synth historian Marc Doty, who is now with Buchla USA.

Pop-up Synth Museum:

The Synthplex Pop-up museum will allow visitors to play legendary vintage instruments. There will be a museum docent in attendance to provide historical and technical perspective. The proceeds to this Museum will go to a music-based charity.

Masters sessions with Industry legends:

Synthplex will have a Q & A interview / talk with different industry figures. These figures will be drawn from a list that includes Mark Mothersbaugh, Gary Numan, Ben Burtt (Star Wars sound designer), Hans Zimmer, Tom Oberheim, Dave Smith, Roger Linn, Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), Steve Duda, Erik Norlander, Diego Stocco, Martin L. Gore, Gene Stopp, Brian Kehew, etc. There will be a live stream of these Master Sessions.

DIY Synth Seminars:

Synthplex will draw upon a few synth manufacturers to sponsor and offer DIY building classes where people can build their own synth module, be it a Eurorack or some other small format desktop design. The class sizes will be likely limited to 12 to 24 people per session.


Each day, Synthplex will have an outdoor lunch service in the Courtyard, located in between the Hotel & Convention Center, where they will serve; fresh street tacos, burgers (meat & veggie), hotdogs, Caesar salads (with or without chicken) and other choices for all dietary needs. Modular on The Spot will have artists performing live Eurorack sessions during the lunch hours.

Live synth music every evening:

Every night there will be a live synth and DJ music going on that is up-beat and mellow in different rooms. Synthplex plans to offer as much diversity in electronic musical genres as possible.



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