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Teragon Audio releases Convolver v2a2 and MissWatson v1a1

Teragon Audio

Teragon Audio has released a new alpha version of Convolver (v2a2) and the first alpha of MissWatson (v1a1).

MissWatson is a command-line VST host capable of doing detailed plugin debugging, batch processing, and plugin benchmarking. This version of MissWatson only supports effect plugins, but instrument support will be available in the next alpha.

Currently working features:

  • Supports DLL (Windows), Mach-O (Mac OSX), and CFM (Mac OS Classic) plugin formats.
  • Can query plugin's parameter and program lists.
  • Command line interface for parameters and programs.
  • Can open plugin editor windows.
  • Audio file I/O to plugin.
  • Detailed benchmarking statistics for host, plugin CPU usage.

Features currently under development:

  • Realtime and offline processing selection (currently MissWatson only operates in offline mode).
  • Host emulation capabilities.
  • MIDI file I/O.
  • Audio I/O through system soundcard.
  • MIDI I/O through system MIDI bus.
  • Generate random MIDI or audio data for processing.
  • Generate MIDI scales for processing.
  • Generate sinewave tones for processing.


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