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Tone2 Audio updates RayBlaster to v2.5

Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 Audio has updated their impulse-modeling-synthesizer RayBlaster to v2.5, a major update, which is available for free. It includes new features, enhanced sound quality, 43 additional patches, enhancements for the user interface and some fixes.

RayBlaster 2.5 is downward compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound quality.

Sale: Currently Tone2 offers a 50% discount for RayBlaster. It is available for $99 instead of $199.

New features:

  • 'Edit->Create Random Patch' can create an unlimited number of complex and mostly useful sounds automatically.
  • Tooltips with explanations are shown when the mouse is hovered over a button or control.
  • The tooltips can be hidden with Help->'Hide tooltips'.
  • The menus now show check-marks for the currently selected item.
  • Automatic and dynamic micro-tuning for enhanced chords.
  • Knobs can be reset to the default value with a double-click.
  • A hand-symbol is shown for text parameters which can be altered.
  • Support for the 'natural-scrolling-mousewheel' on the Mac.
  • Clicking a diode now also changes the LFO waveform on the Mac.
  • 43 additional patches.
  • 4 additional waveforms.

Enhanced sound quality:

  • More linear frequency response above 6kHz. RayBlaster has a less 'sharp' overall sound and sounds more 'high-end'.
  • 'Delay', 'Delay Dual', 'Delay Band', 'PingPong' and 'Multitap' sound less detuned.
  • The late-reflections of 'Reverb Large', 'Reverb Medium', 'Reverb Small', 'Reverb Feedb' and 'Reverb Plate' sound less detuned.
  • Smoother sound of 'Reverb Ultra' and 'Reverb Trance'.

Enhancements for the GUI:

  • Better mouse-wheel support on PC.
  • A MIDI-program-change does not longer change the patch category.
  • The menus are larger and easier to read.
  • Patch category is now located above the patch selector.
  • Unison is easier to set up.
  • Several small enhancements for the GUI.

Further enhancements:

  • Slightly faster loading of patches.


  • The 'handbook' is now a 'manual'.


  • Fixed a compatibility problem with recording automation in some hosts.
  • Fixed a rarely appearing crash, which could happen after many MIDI-program-changes.
  • The visual appearance of the modulation-depth of knobs could have been incorrect if a matrix target was switched.
  • Fixed some wrong pixels which could happen after clicking the unison button.

For more info about RayBlaster visit: www.tone2.com/rayblaster2

Download link (update and free demo version): www.tone2.com/download



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