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Tone2 updates Electra to v3.2

Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 Audio has updated their multilayer-synthesizer-workstation Electra to version 3.2. The update is available for free for all Electra3 customers.

New features:

  • 'Fat tune clean' and 'Fat tune soft' make chords sound a lot better.
  • A checkmark shows the currently selected editor size.


  • The microtuning-range is now limited and can not longer run 'out-of-tune'.
  • The synth 'sits better in the mix' with other instruments.
  • Enhanced stability and robustness.
  • Enhanced GUI performance with drag&drop.
  • The blue shadow that appeared with drag&drop did confuse some users. It was removed.
  • Range-clipping makes the envelopes more stable when extreme modulation settings are used.
  • Enhanced sound of the 'Analog Heavy' microtuning-mode. Detuning does not longer get too extreme.
  • Enhanced sound of the 'Analog Light' microtuning-mode. Thirds sound more pleasant.
  • Enhanced sound of the 'Fat tune soft' microtuning-mode. Thirds sound more pleasant.
  • Broken patches with invalid dropdown-menu values get fixed automatically.
  • Enhanced parameter-smoothing.
  • The mousewheel is more responsive with knobs on the Mac.
  • Buggy DAWs can not longer crash Electra by sending garbage MIDI-note values.
  • Several small enhancements.


  • The Hypersaw modes with '9x' oscillators could occasionally create a phasing sound on Mac.
  • The microtuning mode 'Fat 1' was not downward compatible and could sound too much detuned.
  • The cursor did only change to modulation-depth-editing when zoom was set to 100%.
  • The gui-size-changer on the bottom-right did not longer work after after the patch-browser had been opened.
  • Fixed some really rarely happening crashes.
  • The sound-design of the patch 'Electra3 Hypersaw' had a mistake.
  • Fixed a rare crash with IQM that appeared on certain DAWs on Intel Macs after loading while playing chords.

Downward compatibility:

Electra 3.2 is downward compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound-quality.

Download link update & free demo: www.tone2.com/download



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