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Tone2 releases FireBird+ v1.7

Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 has updated FireBird+ to v1.7 featuring the following changes since v1.5 (v1.6 was not officially released):

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an occasional crash on closing (Sonar and others).
  • Fixed an occasional crash which appeared after longer usage.
  • Fixed a memory leak.

Improved host compatibility:

  • Some versions of Steinberg products (Cubase V-STack) did not route MIDI to FireBird.

New features:

  • FireBird's interface will no longer remain grey if keyfile is missing.

Improved performance:

  • Reduced CPU spikes.
  • Reduced overall CPU requirement.
  • Faster loading times.
  • Faster opening/closing of GUI.


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