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Tonsturm releases Windmaschine - Wind Design Instrument


Tonsturm has announced the release of Windmaschine, a new wind design instrument, saying:

With Windmaschine we present a playable VSTi that is a faithful reproduction of the Windhowler Mole Effect but also takes it to a whole new level.

The Windhowler is an electrical instrument developed in the 1960s which can produce unique wind sound effects with a very special sound signature. Only a few devices exist and the one the entire planet and luckily we had access to a unit in mint condition. We captured every single detail in order to preserve its sound signature and character.

In combination with our visionary software engine, these captured recordings are transformed into a virtual instrument that allows you to go to sonic territories way beyond what the original device is capable of.

Perform Dynamic Wind Effects
As on the original hardware, everything starts with the resonators. You can load one of the 19 available resonator sets into each of the four source channels. The whole sound engine comes to life when performed using the powerful wind modulation system.

Blend Between Different Colors Of Wind
Manually blend between the individual colors of wind or let the wind modulation system mix it for you.

Custom Wind FX
The FX section allows you to tune its sound character to the mood you need. Or to change it drastically. Tailored Effects invite you to explore different sides of wind.

True Stereo Convolution
Finally, everything is set into stage with a convolution reverb engine. It comes with custom recorded true stereo impulse responses. Besides nature, exterior, and indoor impulse responses Tonsturm included IR recordings from musical instruments like gongs, sound bowls or cymbals enabling Windmaschine to create lively textures, drones, and atmospheres.

Intro Price: $129 until October 27th, 2020 (Reg. $179).

Trailer: YouTube/HcPAWcGhc5g

Tutorials: YouTube.com/playlist?list=PLkyPQwCSYrf96Gpfo5CVxiAzNklGGptKw



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