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Ueberschall VLP120 (And others in series) announced


Ueberschall is proud to announce a new joint project with reFX. Ueberschall, renowned as a producer of sample cd's, has found an excellent partner in software developer reFX for the realization of new and innovative sample players.

The VLP120 is the first joint project. This is dramatically different from other products through the possibilities of loop settings with the so-called "loopeye". As a further highlight of this product, the MPEX algorithm from Prosoniq was licensed. with the help of this powerful time and pitch factory, whose quality is superior to anything else, all the samples of this series can be adapted to your own needs at the highest quality.

Other plugins to follow in the series include PLP120(Percussive Live Performances), VCP120 (Vintage Chord Progressions), VBP120(Virtual Beat+Percussion), VLP090(Vintage Licks+Phrases) and VBP090(Virtual Beat+Percussion).

About VLP 120

The VLP 120 is a virtual instrument (Win/Mac/X - VSTi/DXi/AU), combining a complete "Licks & Phrases" library of 5 CD's with an innovative audio engine. This library, indispensible to any studio, contains grooving "Vintage Licks & Phrases" for all styles in the Club, Pop & Dance scene.

The Licks were played on more than 20 different live instruments by professional studio musicians and thanks to the fantastic sounding MPEX2 algorithms by Prosoniq, these samples can be tempo and pitch adjusted to match your songs. The sounds remain crystal clear without any of the usual graininess.

All licks were recorded at 120 bpm and can be changed in tempo to +/- 30 bpm (90-150 bpm) and retain the highest quality. The samples are in the most important keys for Dance, Pop and Club music: C/a, F/d, G/e. Each sample can be individually adapted to +/- 12 semitones at no tempo change.

All licks and phrases of the VLP 120 can be very easily combined. With the large selection of instruments complete song layouts can be quickly and easily produced. We refrained from the use of additional compressors, limiters and effects, all instruments are dry recorded. The entire library contains neutral, timeless output material which can be optimally adapted to your individual needs.

The new, innovative waveform representation manifestly visualizes the transition from loop start and end. In combination with the slidable controls on the outer ring for start and end, new variations can be created in a few seconds. The loops have no fixed start and end points any more!

The VLP 120 is an essential, extremely flexible studio tool for the creation of professional music productions and will be available soon for 249 Euro.

Feature list:
  • Over 3 GB Licks & Phrases on 5 CDs
  • Over 20 Live instruments.
  • Played by professional studio musicians.
  • Recorded with high-quality equipment.
  • For Club, Pop & Dance productions.
  • Audio engine for quick adaptation.
  • High-quality Time+Pitch Algorithms.
  • All samples recorded at 120 bpm.
  • Optimally adaptible from 90 to 150 bpm.
  • All samples in the keys of C/a, F/d, G/e.
  • Semitones +/-12 without changing tempo.
  • Innovative "Loopeye" for fast loop variations
Instruments used:

basses - fingered bass, fretless bass, slap bass, guitars - acoustic guitar, fender stratocaster (clean, funky, crunchy, overdriven, distorted), gibson es, keys - fender rhodes, acoustic piano, wurlitzer e-piano, clavinet d6, organ b3, vintage synthesizer, brass/wind - trumpet, muted trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, bari sax, tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, flute.


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