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Ueberschall Downloader
The Ueberschall Downloader is installed together with Elastik and let's you register, download and activate products.
ueberschall sample service gmbh, Posthornstrasse 29, 30449 Hannover, Germany

Ueberschall is renowned for providing the highest quality loop libraries, samples and sound effects. We constantly strive to exceed our own high standards and invest in technology and equipment to deliver productions that can truly be called state of the art. Careful and competent sound engineering, including precise microphone selection and placement, ensures that all Ueberschall products are created with dedicated focus. From pre-production to recording, from precise editing to final quality control, it can take several months before a product is released.


Ueberschall began in 1987 when Ueberschall was founded by Uwe Kinast. The first sample libraries were released on floppy discs for the famous Akai S1000, followed by releases on audio CDs and CD-ROMs in various formats such as WAV, AKAI or EXS 24. Along with the first DVD releases, we started to develop our own software players, which eventually led to the creation of Elastik. Today, all products are available for digital download from our website worldwide. Ueberschall has produced high quality content for many international hardware and software manufacturers. Ueberschall samples have found their way into hardware synthesizers, DAWs and iOS apps.


Since 2001, Ueberschall has focused on loop libraries and plug-ins. Our own sample player, Elastik, offers a sophisticated tagging system for managing multiple libraries of different genres. This innovative concept allows for a completely new understanding and handling of audio loops. Elastik is finding its way into productions of all styles, by professionals and amateurs alike. The results of using our award-winning libraries can be heard around the world in countless tracks, movies, TV films and commercials.

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Free Elastik Demo Soundbank
Reviewed By rwoodin3
November 6th, 2017

Really impressive spatial layout in the free elastic 2 player. I've only tried a few loops but totally cool. You drag the loops to a key on the player at bottom of screen, press the key or press play and that sound will play. Setup a bunch of keys and play some or all of them at once for really easy mix construction. All the console controls for mod, pan, volume, tempo are in the circle. This would work really nice on a fast, big screen tablet with all the circular and x, y controlled functions. Excellent free product.

PS. I kept fiddling with hitting the 'soundbank activation' button that remained grayed out. I had downloaded loops and player separate so I think you just drag the loops into setup Elastic/setup field and they are ready to go.

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