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vArranger updated to v1.19


vArranger, the arranger software that plays many styles formats from different hardware arrangers (Yamaha, Korg, Ketron, Roland, Technics), has been updated to v1.19.

vArranger includes a VST Host and a Software Synthesizer that can load external samples.

Changes in v1.19:

  • New SFZ Format Support: The vArranger Software Synthesizer can now load SFZ and SF2 instrument files. The SFZ format allows a more in depth synthesis than the SF2 format.
  • Options / MIDI Ports / Audio Input: New feature to listen in real-time (and record) the sound from the audio input of your audio card. This can be a useful to mix an external stereo synth or player or a mono microphone or a guitar with the vArranger audio engine without need of using a real hardware mixer.
    • Just select your ASIO (preferred) or WASAPI audio input channel from the list.
    • If you don't need the audio input, select - None - as this will otherwise use some unnecessary resources.
  • Options / Audio Input: New screen that displays all the options of the audio input.
    • You can change the volume of the audio input. Value of 64 mean +0dB. (Can be controlled by a MIDI controller).
    • You can Mute the Audio Input with one button (Can be controlled by a MIDI controller).
    • There are 3 knobs, to add some FX to the Audio Input. This will send your audio input to the actual 3 FX engines of vArranger synth. This is useful to add some reverb and delay in real-time to your singing voice.
    • You can Mute all the FX with one button. (Can be controlled by a MIDI controller) This is useful to remove the reverb and delay when you want to talk to the audience.
    • And ... the bonus ... You can also use your preferred ' Channel Strip ' VST plugin to the audio input. This can be a nice EQ / Compressor / Gate plugin or a guitar simulation plugin....
  • VST instruments to VST plugins: You can now send the 16 VST instruments to the 3 vArranger FX engines, by adjusting the 3 knob level in the VST options screen. This is useful for VSTi that does not include an FX section, or if you want to use the same reverb/chorus/delay... for the vArranger Software Synth and for the VST instruments (and for the audio input). This can save some CPU too, not having to compute many reverbs.
  • Delay To Reverb: Possibility to send an amount of the FX3 to the FX1. This is especially useful to add some reverb (FX1) to the echoed voices produced by a delay (FX3). The FX1 knob is on the VST options screen of the FX3.
  • SF2/SFZ Volumes: It is now possible to set a different volume for each SF2 or SFZ file. You can change it to adjust the relative volumes between files from different sources.
  • New VST Intelligent CPU saver: vArranger now bypasses the VST instruments that are not currently in use in the current patch. This may results in a huge diminution of CPU usage if you load many VSTi, and remove the noises generated by some VST (like the Leslie of VB3) while not currently in use.
  • Better VST loading / unloading: This can correct some VST plugins that had problems.
    • Try to not cut the sound while loading VST snapshots.
    • Better handling for stronger stability of the ASIO and WASAPI low latency streams.
  • INS Track Name: The name of the instruments displayed in the 16 tracks can be taken from an INS file, for every MIDI out.
    • A different INS for the drums track can be assigned too.
    • More info
  • VST Controllers: if one MIDI controller is assigned to only one VST instrument, it will be tied to this VSTi, whatever the current selected VSTi.
  • Options / Controllers for the right tracks, to change
    • Filter Resonance (Timbre/Harmonic Intensity) (cc#71).
    • Release Time (cc#72).
    • Attack time (cc#73).
    • Brightness (cc#74).
  • Harmony Auto mode.
  • Computer screen never shut down while playing, and ask for the windows best performance mode.
  • LED Feedback for the Novation Launchkey MKII with their new Incontrol.
  • Song Chords export to MIDIfile: Add the markers of every section, and the correct signature.
  • Many more improvements and optimisations.

More info on this update: www.varranger.com/vforum



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