Stefan Jeworowski has released an early alpha version of Vivaldi MX, a big brother for Vivaldi, initially as a Windows VSTi, a MacOS version may follow...

The vivaldi mx synthesizer is not intended to be just an update of the 'classic' Vivaldi. It is intended as a completely new synthesizer, taking Vivaldi's powerful, expressive synthesis-engine, and advancing it into a new direction. The idea behind vivaldi mx is to get more for less. Play more voices simultaneously, choose from more outputs, play multiple channels with one instrument, for less CPU usage!

The fact that vivaldi mx exists doesn't mean the original Vivaldi version is old and forgotten, however. Not at all! It will be maintained, enhanced and developed further along with it's multi-timbral new brother!

  • 4 times 2 operator FM synthesis, up to 8 oscillators per note!
  • 6 output busses, 2 stereo and 4 mono (if your VST Host supports multiple outputs).
  • Up to 16 channel multi-mode, play 16 different vivaldi sounds independently with one instrument!
  • Up to 64 voices polyphony!
  • Up to 4 parts per note for voice layering, including support for velocity and key window.
  • Sample precise support for the MIDI controllers: volume, expression, panpot, pitch bend, sustain pedal, cc #16 (Mod Level), cc #17 (Feedback Level).
  • Choose different output busses for each channel of the instrument, or for each part of a sound!
  • Polyphony can be limited independently for every channel!
  • Significant performance improvement compared to Vivaldi 'classic'!
  • Turn unused midi channels off to save CPU time!
  • Turn receive of Program Change/Pitch Bend/Controller off for individual channels to save even more CPU time!
  • Support for all sample rates!
  • Can load all Vivaldi 'classic' presets and banks!
  • True 32bit floating point signal processing on per-sample-basis, no down scaling!
  • It's absolutely for free!


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