Will Savin

Independent developer Will Savin has released his latest effect plugin Grain Stream, a granular delay plugin featuring a line graph editor for modifying grain parameters based on their delay time.

Grain Stream is available as a VST and VST3 for Windows, and VST, VST3 and AudioUnit for macOS, and is priced at £50 plus tax.

Grain Stream continuously granulates the last 10 seconds of audio to create new textures from any sound. The line graph editor can select which parts of the delay line are granulated and modify the parameters of each grain in the position.

The 6 grain parameters are: Position, Gain, Pan, Reverse, Pitch and Feedback, and each of these parameters can be modulated by 4 different sources: Offset (automation), a randomizer, and 2 LFOs.

The granulator can create up to 100 simultaneous grains from 10 to 500ms in length, with 5 grain windows to choose from.

Savin has also created a short demo video showcasing some of Grain Stream's features using a solo piano as an input source: YouTube/NSYEj3j7TqY



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