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Vowel Filter
Reviewed By GRUMP
August 24, 2019

My Focus is the Creation of airy and VOX Pads / Synth Choirs (Sound Design). Vowel/Formant Filters are one Method to produce such Sounds and this one does it's job really good.

The Plugin delivers more Control over the Timbre than e. g. the AIR Talk Box or Orb CM. It has a "technical clean" Sound Character and produces really clean Results, either soft or really strong VOX Characteristics and also lets you adjust the Brightness of the Sound.

The Sound i just made with it it is much "cleaner" than the Version I made with AIR Talkbox, that frequently "screams" too much and does not deliver such clean Vowels. Halions Talkbox is no Comparision anyway.

Unfortunately it has no Output Volume Fader and you'll frequently need an Amp behind it.

Thank you for this little Tool, Will Savin.

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Vowel Filter
Reviewed By DFVD
July 29, 2018

Real hidden "Gem" ... makes sound more interesting and uplifting for sure !! I would not mind to have a couple of presets hidden in this awesome plug in !! a must try !.

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