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Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by SoftPlug.com

Full Version or Demo Download Links for Adventus

No download links have been added for Adventus - the best place to look is the SoftPlug.com home page:

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Synthetic Illusion Sounds
for Adventus [Show all for]
by syntheticillusion [Show all by] on 19 December 2014
Downloaded: 170 times
Here's a bunch of presets mostly from factory mod's
but some were made with my initialize preset, enjoy.
Adventus Initialize Bank
for Adventus [Show all for]
by syntheticillusion [Show all by] on 19 December 2014
Downloaded: 118 times
Here's a Initialize Preset I made,
which I made a bank from it using
Minihost's Bank Manager, now you can
load this bank and make your own sounds,
it's based off a single saw wave and
filter cutoff to max...Enjoy. :)
for Adventus [Show all for]
by kurtjhorst [Show all by] on 5 June 2014
Downloaded: 202 times
Here are 64 presets (1/2 bank) for the Adventus softsynth.
Some Bass Arp, Arp, Pad, Synth and FX sounds. .fxb format.

This is in one of my Custom Shop series of freeware sound sets.
Hip House Trance
for Adventus [Show all for]
by ginocote [Show all by] on 26 January 2011
Downloaded: 550 times
Bank of 128 patchs oriented for Hip Hop, Trance, Dance, Techno, House for Adventus VSTi created by Gino Cote
RetroHead Arrival NoCP
for Adventus [Show all for]
by 1-2-Many [Show all by] on 7 January 2009
Downloaded: 765 times
This is an update of my previous bank for use in the latest version of Adventus that contains no copy protection. Please note that the old bank does not load correctly in the newest version of Adventus (without copy protection), this one does.
Adventus Blank Bank - no cp version
for Adventus [Show all for]
by 1-2-Many [Show all by] on 24 April 2008
Downloaded: 681 times
As requested - blank bank for Adventus, latest non-copy protected version.
RetroHead Arrival For Adventus
for Adventus [Show all for]
by 1-2-Many [Show all by] on 12 October 2007
Downloaded: 1113 times
This bank consist of presets that focus on atypical sounds for Adventus; Sounds such as Stringy Plucks, Brass/Wind, Pianos, Strings, Drums and Drum \'sequences\'. There are also a few of the standard Lead and Bass and Pad sounds for which Adventus is known.

Comments & Discussion for SoftPlug.com Adventus

Discussion: Active
29 September 2012 at 7:06pm

Hi here,

Ik am new to the website and would like to buy the adventus vst.
I can't find the buy butten.

Can someone help me out here?
thanks in advance.

15 November 2012 at 2:45pm

hi, maybe this will help:


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