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Cinematic Rhythms

Cinematic Rhythms
Cinematic Rhythms by CentralComposers is Soundware (e.g. samples or presets that load into other products).
System Requirements
Kontakt 4.1 or above (Full Retail Version)
Intel Duo Core Processor @2.4 or equivalent
2.5+ GB of Free HDD Space for Installation
2GB of RAM
Internet Access (For Download Version Only)
Kontakt 4 Kontakt 5
Copy Protection
Customized Per Customer
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Cinematic Rhythms is a Kontakt Based Library designed by Brandon Spendlove. The library is mainly focused on the concepts of Cinematic Film and Media Compositions/Sound Design.

There is the option to buy individual categories, or you can buy the full bundle (which is cheaper than buying each one). Here are the Categories:

  1. Tonal Loops
  2. Percussive Kits
  3. FX and Hits
  4. Instruments

There are also 14 sub categories in these Core menus which allow easier access to specific sounds that you want to load. Such as: Bonus Tonal Loops, Multi-Sampled Loops, Rhythmic Loops, Hits, Risers, Build Ups, Drones, Guitars, Synths/Pads, Pianos and Basses.

You may also come across different sounds such as Sound Design FX, Hybrid FX, Hybrid Hits, Deep Echoes, Booms, Screams and more.

GUI (Interface)

The Cinematic Rhythms interface was designed to allow easy access of Real time usage with our FX controls. The UI makes it easier to navigate to our FX that we have scripted to appear on our interface with full control over each parameter per FX.

Having the chance to customize each parameter per FX allows more than a hand full of outcomes and lets you have a large amount of outcomes when working with FX with our sounds we have provided. The UI also holds a option to turn the FX on and off which also lets you have multiple effects on/off at the same time.

Below the FX parameter pots, the Tonal Loop Patches and some of the FX Patches have a Waveform view which shows you the sample which is loaded into the specific instrument. This allows a basic idea of a graphical visual of the Stereo, Volume and Rhythmic slices of each individual Sample. This creates a easier approach when working with different rhythmic patches of different instruments to spot clashing rhythms that make the sound not quite fit.

Full Bundle Info:

  • The full bundle product of Cinematic Rhythms includes all 4 main categories: Tonal Loops, Percussive Kits, FX and Hits and Instruments. All together there are 14 sub categories which consist of specific sounds the category is named as.

Tonal Loops:

  • Bonus Tonal Loops: This Category features tonal loops created for a different range of musical styles. Instead of full rhythmic cinematic action, they can be classed as the 'weaker' ones in composition, and they are great for under-layering specific parts for detail.
  • High: This Category features tonal loops which are mainly sampled in the higher range on the keyboard. This basic feature shows the samples will sound 'normal' or 'at its best' around the higher positions on the keyboard. If the samples are played 3 octaves below its original tuning, you can have both good and not so good outcomes. Although when using the FX that are custom scripted on the UI, you can achieve mysterious and weird rhythmic noises that can be useful, it just comes down to you with think what to do.
  • Low: You can probably guess this category... The samples are in the 'low end' of the keyboard. Such as low pulses, boomers, low phrases, etc.
  • Vice versa with this category when it comes to playing 3 octaves higher than the original keyboard. Some will sound good and some 'not so good'...
  • Multi-Sampled Tonal Loops: This is where we start to make it more interesting when working at different ranges on the keyboard. Instead of having 1 or 2 samples per patch, we decided to create a few 'multisampled' patches and it is pretty much self-explanatory... The range of the samples are mainly stretched across minor 3rds or perfect 5ths so it keeps the quality when the tuning of the root sample is being stretched. This allows for a better outcome of the sample audio when playing different key positions rather than the samples original root key.

Percussive Kits:

  • Our percussive kits only consists of 1 sub-category, but with many patches inside the MAIN category itself, such as Individual sampled percussion (Snares, Kicks, Loops, etc). This category also contains a 'cinematic/hybrid' approach of a Percussion Loop patch. Different keys are different loops/samples.

Sound Design Loops:

  • This category consist of rhythmic loops with samples that act like 'percussion' instruments/loops. We have involved a few samples we have created using some organic recordings of hitting specific objects with a rhythm. These samples can consist of sounds like slapping tables, hitting cups, dropping boxes...

FX and Hits:

  • Build Ups: This Category consists of patches which are generally the name itself 'Build Ups'. The build ups can consist of increasing in volume and sometimes in pitch... These sounds can be reversed as well for other outcomes which can be useful for climax builds...
  • Drones: The Drones can consist of 'pad' alike sounds which are useful when using FX such as the LP filters and reverb. Some drones can consist of weird, produced samples or simple pitched tones...
  • Hits: Hits are like impacts, just less processed and useful to be treated like a percussive instrument. The hits can involve deep hits, whooshes, booms and echos.
  • Hybrid FX: These sounds are typically known as 'Hybrid Sounds'. I would personally describe a lot of these sounds as processed the $H!T to max. High screaming sounds, deep crazy LFO rates and organic dirty sounds.
  • Risers: The Risers act like Build ups but increasing in Pitch and Volume together. These patches/samples can be very useful to act similar to build ups to climaxes and transitions.


The instruments category includes individual sampled instruments both organic and electronic such as Pianos, Synths, basses, Pads and Guitars:

  • Basses: This category is also self-explanatory. The instruments are mainly sampled around low ends or low keys on the keyboard.
  • Guitars: The guitars consist of sampled guitars like Electric and Acoustic, and also custom patched guitars like double-layered sounds which make a customized sound instead of a guitar sound on its own.
  • Pianos: The Pianos also consist of real sampled pianos and processed pianos with effects to give them a different sound. Such as electric keys, Acoustic uprights and spaced out pianos.
  • Synths and Pads: Included in this sub-category are Synth and Pad typed instruments. Sustained Pads, Swelling Pads, High Pluckers, High Blips, Low Plucks and more.

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