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Synth Plugin by discoDSP

Corona has an average user rating of 4.33 from 3 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Corona

Reviewed By fisherKing [read all by] on 30th May 2012
Version reviewed: R4 on Mac.
Last edited by fisherKing on 30th May 2012.
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(i wrote this review yesterday morning, then got an email from discodsp last night about an updated wave library for corona. just dL'd; there are now an insane number of waveforms to play with).

In my ongoing mission (hmm…should i mention the stardate?) to find the 'right' synth plugins, i've been downloading demos like crazy. but have added very few synths to my arsenal.

i have discovery pro, so got an email inviting me to check out the corona demo. this looks like a stripped-down DP, so skipped it at first. i finally decided to check it out, and it was worth it.

to be honest, i actually like this better than discovery pro. not because it's cheaper, and simpler, but am liking the SOUND of it, always the most important thing (to me at least; this is how i live with, say, 'ugly' plugins…it's the SOUND that hooks me).

the GUI is, at first glance, very simple (a good thing in my book). i was tweaking immediately, it's a very-basic layout. having said that, there are a lot of great options tucked in drop-down menus. and i like the 'subtle' touches, i.e. the indicators (the live mod movement, for example, in the filter cutoff knob, or the oscillator phase knob). so lots to explore (versus a stiff learning curve).

i LOVE exploring, that's the point. rather than spending a day with a manual, i want to spend the day turning knobs, hearing what happens.

the new filters are great; a lot of patches work much better with them (and some patches sound better with the 'normal' filters). really interesting, the difference between the new and the original filters.

there are some great presets, but corona still needs lots more. was looking for (and not finding) arp presets, but…it's really easy to add an arp (i use these a lot). the arp definitely needs more presets, but it's easy to make your own. i'd love to be able to lock in an arp, and scroll thru sounds (i posted the idea on the 'instruments' forum here, and the developer said he'd add it to his 'to-do list'…). what's really impressive is the number of waveform choices: along with the usual sawtooth, triangle, etc…there are a LOT of 'classics' (roland, waldorf, korg, etc.), and some others as well. this should keep soundbank designers busy (and out of trouble).

this is very important thing to me: ease. am a preset-tweaker (as opposed to a sound designer), i want to be up and making music as soon as Logic opens; that's my modus operandi, and it works for me. so plugins with very busy architectures, too many 'hidden' functions, or half-assed soundbanks (and i've encountered all of these things) don't work for me.

overall, like this one. i can see myself actually using this more than discovery pro… and will add some soundsets to the mix (i think most of my income goes to soundsets).

what i like:
the GUI (for it's directness)
ease of use

minor quibbles:
extremely minimal effects section, and no reverb (easy to add one in a channel strip, i guess).
the mod wheels, as they're reversed from the way they are on physical keyboards
needs more (& better) presets, new ones especially to make use of the new filters and waveforms.

am an avowed minimalist. i don't need very many synth plugins. but like this one, and will see where i can fit it in on new projects.

last thought: there's been a lot of discussion on the forums about the quality of reviews here, too many '10's'. for myself, am only reviewing plugins i OWN and can recommend. if something is below par, i wouldn't use it, or spend time writing about it.

as always, check out the demo.

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Comments & Discussion for discoDSP Corona

Discussion: Active
16 January 2017 at 9:52pm

A wonderful synth. One of my very few main everyday synths. Tons of possibilities just with the tree oscillators (plethora of waveforms + ability to use SF2 soundfonts in EACH of the three oscillators + tons of mathematical algorithms of modulations between them) even before entering into the filters... which are or many types and themselves able to use many complex modulations. A very underrated synth.

About the vintage ('classic") waveforms embedded in this synth it is good to know that the Aeterphon is simply the original name of the Theremine. Léon Thérémine (who was French from Russian origins, named Lev Theremin for the Russians) never used the word "theremine" for his instrument. He named it the "Aeterphone"... to directly recall the impression of "sounds from the Ether". It is when the copyrights were sold to the firm RCA that RCA decided to rename the instrument under the name "RCA Theremin", the physician Albert Einstein having brought the proofs, the scientific evidence that the Ether didn't exist and that this word "Ether" was to forget energetically. Starting from this day the instrument began to be worldwide known under the product name 'Theremin" (or 'Theremine' for the French market) in the RCA catalog. And the name "Aeterphone" disappeared definitely and definitively at Leon Thérémine's death.

6 December 2020 at 10:39pm

A bit of an ironic name in these times.

1 April 2021 at 12:10am

I am here for the Waldorf Pulse waves included. Does anyone know if any presets have been made to exploit the capability of Corona sounding like a Pulse? Thanks.

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