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Cubase Pro 13

Sequencer / Multitrack by Steinberg

Comments & Discussion for Steinberg Cubase Pro 13

Discussion: Active
2 August 2012 at 7:14am

Is the product Cubase 6.5 available in Steinberg on line shop full version for price 250 eur (plus local tax), or you must add efects like halion sonic or halion symphonic orchestra for full version and the price is therefore almost 500 eur? Does anybody know?

Role Router
Role Router
23 July 2014 at 3:12am

Cubase is just the state of the art it presents in characteristic, because in functionality it are just a break in the trail for new products and your life is not something granted for Steinberg, take care is useless.

For Windows XP it are something compatible, but not something so integral like "Mac".

This message is something which really hurts my self interest, and have no turn back, just like our choices.

23 July 2014 at 10:52am

I started with Cubase v1 on the Atari (a long time ago). Over the years since I moved to the PC I've tried many other alternative DAWS and always end up coming back to Cubase as it always has an easier work flow and well implemented features that just work as you'd expect without fuss.

Currently using v7.5 on Win8.1 - 64-bit (4Ghz/32GB) problem free :)

23 July 2014 at 1:26pm

Yup, me too. I have been using Cubase since before VST was around. I run it on a PC (Intel Xeon, 16GB, liquid cooled, Win 7 64-bit) and it runs as smoothly and flawlessly as I need. No application is bug free, but Steinberg releases regular patches, and also gives us a decent upgrade every year or so. I have tried others, just as SarahBellum said (great name btw), but I have never found a product that has made me want to switch.

23 July 2014 at 1:40pm

I've been a Cubase user since 5 (so I'm a newbie compared to some of the commenters) but I switched to Cubase from Cakewalk (now Sonar) because of the workflow and clear signal paths. I've tried out other DAWs (Reaper, Cakewalk's later revs, Harrison MixBus, Ardour, PreSonus One) but Cubase is the one that feels most effective to me, and the support from Steinberg has always been complete.

20 December 2015 at 2:05am

Now with 8.5 version available, Cubase is more PRO than ever.

15 July 2019 at 4:58pm

- ban at forums for unpopular opinions;

- no support for non USA\Germany users, web site is broken;

- behind FL Studio, Ableton and Bitwig for electronic music producers;

23 March 2020 at 5:33am

I'm curious for details about banning for unpopular opinions.

1 July 2023 at 11:49pm

-Mention the long term (15+ years?) hyperthreading / multithreading problems cubase has had since the Core2Duo processor.
-Mention the fact that THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE have complained about this issue, but have been told the issue is rare, it doesnt exist, it isnt steinberg's fault, or that they are using their computer wrong.

-Mention the "stuck licensing process" issue that arose sometime between 12.0.5 and 12.0.60.(if Cubase crashes during runtime, which is somewhat common, the "checking licenses" process from Cubase gets stuck, eats up 25-30% CPU on one core) The mods will say "this is the windows task manager not updating. It isnt real." Ive tested, reproduced, and documented this issue 3x now, and my final ban on their forum was because I mentioned this, posted links to others who also documented it, and explained that I was angry about how they were handling it.

These are just two issues, and issues that were important to me. You can find DOZENS of other issues, including long term (10+ year) issues that are a result of Steinberg's inability to modernize for multicore, multithreaded audio, and if you remind Steinberg of this, become legitimately angry with them, etc, you will be moderated on the forums. If you kiss their feet and agree to whatever Steve and the others demand, you are golden.

Ive been a member of that forum for the better part of 20 years, and I've experienced.... a LOT with Steinberg in that time. As of today I've moved on, and I've went with Bitwig. Far, far too much dishonesty on their forums, too much elitism and abuse of paying customers, and did I mention dishonesty? No good.

1 July 2023 at 11:41pm

THIS^^^^ I've been banned 3x, including a permanent ban, for the stated reason "too combative". As a result, I went ahead and tried out Bitwig 4, spent a month becoming familiar with it, and then I bought a full license on their current sale. I'm finally getting good at a new DAW *because* of Steinberg support.

Steinberg doesnt give a crap that they have enraged many long time users with their incredibly bad support, the unstable application itself, and their general refusal(inability?) to adopt modern development / QA standards. I have waited for MONTHS to get email responses from support, and over the years I have become legitimately ANGRY at Steinberg for these experiences. If you express that anger on their forums, you get comments deleted and eventually you get banned.

Ive reached out via email about this, to try to make a complaint to Steinberg, but they claim they "dont have any records of what moderators do on the forums". No logs. They can't keep track of moderator actions. Seriously.

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