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Modular Drum Sampler/Synth Plugin by FXpansion
No Longer Available

DR-008 has an average user rating of 4.59 from 17 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for DR-008

Reviewed By Scot Solida [read all by] on 11th April 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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Okay, so I gotta confess, I hesitated reviewing this because earlier this week there was a debate raging about the review ratings being too high, and I knew I'd look like a gushing idiot when I wrote this. But, you know what? This thing is absolutely lovely, and deserves near-perfect ratings. First, there's the interface. Well, it aint pretty on the surface, but it gets the jobs done, and manages an awfully lot of information in the space allotted. The modular approach allows a lot of flexibility, hence complexity. I briefly glanced at the electronic documentation, and it seemed thorough enough, but frankly, the interface is so intuitive, I've not looked at the manual again. No paper manual, so an eight for documentation, but like I said, I've not needed it. How does it sound? In a word, marvellous. The combination of synthesis and feature-packed sampling modules makes this all the drum-machine I'll need, and more. I've always used drum-machines in a very utilitarian fashion; load a bunch of samples, get the beat down. With DR-008, however, I'm INSPIRED, and that's invaluable, isn't it? The various modules have presets, and the presets cover more than I'll need in this lifetime, including the dear old CR-78 and Acetone sounds. However, I still have a blast crafting my own sounds with the various modules' editors. Angus of FXPansion seems attentive to his customers needs and questions, and a nice enough guy, at that. He's earned the respect of many here at KVR, and that's a good sign. I've not had any trouble with the DR-008, and have worked it pretty hard this week. It never faltered, or gave me reason to think it might. Oh, and I forgot to mention the fantastic 16-step sequencer module. Man, that's cool; sequences zones accross the keyboard. I got it with the SONAR 2 XL upgrade, but would gladly have forked over the $149 asking price. Fantastic!

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