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FXpansion is one of the world's leading developers of audio instruments and effects for software platforms, winning numerous awards and inspiring a devoted userbase. Its mission is to push the boundaries of audio software, introducing fresh and innovative new ideas that are musically useful.

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DCAM FreeComp

Reviewed By jam92189 [all]
July 20th, 2012
Version reviewed: on Windows

This thing sound great It looks kinda funny being bright pink. but that is just what it looks like. so far I find its a smooth punchy and clean comp. Perfect for bus or track uses, Now no release control sucks for control freaks. But at the same time it keeps things simple making things easy and fast for us. now thats about it really no vintage saturation or crazy things about it

its clean smooth sounds great and for mac and pc

the only real down side is no release control but so far its more than a good comp from my uses.

its stable and sounds great what more can we ask for when something is free

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