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GlissEQ has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for GlissEQ

Reviewed By 4tune [read all by] on March 17th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.4 on Windows.
Last edited by 4tune on 18th March 2005.
I have had Gliss EQ for about a 2 months now and am very happy with it:

User Interface: This was one of the main selling points of Gliss for me over a similarly priced competitor. I liked the way that you have a large FFT spectrum analyser window to place the EQ control points which is done by just left-clicking the mouse. The right mouse button is then used to select filter types from 8 choices with bandwidth controlled by the mouse wheel. This makes EQ-ing very quick and easy rather than using virtual knobs, this I feel plays to the strengths of a computer screen interface. The virtual Knobs are still there for precise adjustments and for people who prefer to use them, I just generally prefer the screen :).

The sound of Gliss EQ is very smooth and very adjustable. It is a dynamic EQ with a scale of nine levels for the dynamic response. This is explained better in manual than I can here but it basically means when you boost or cut by a number of dB this is then not a fixed value but one the EQ will boost/ cut around, depending on the source material fed in. This works well I find on a lot of material, the only drawback is an increase in CPU hit. If conventional EQ-ing is required the dynamic level can be switched to zero and Gliss works as a well optimised traditional EQ plug.
On top of this there are other quality and type modes. This includes the ALT quality mode which as the manual suggests is very good for bass material.

The documentation is clear and concise. It takes a while to learn all the features of Gliss , but all is logically laid out and becomes second nature to use once learned. It is no barrier however to diving in straight away and using the plug for its purpose. The features seem to be great bonuses which expand what you can do with the EQ`s sound as you learn it better.

There are about 12-15 presets already in Gliss. The presets were a good demonstration of the basic functions of the plug . I just tend to use it from default though each time as the ease of use allows me to get to where I want to go quickly.

The Customer Support is excellent, I mailed Aleksey soon after purchasing Gliss as I had found an issue using the plug in my host. I was responded to the same day and was very happy with the support I received. (In the end the bug seemed to be a problem with my host which was in release candidate state at the time).

The Value for Money is excellent. I managed to get Gliss when it had a $20 discount at the release of 2.4 but I still think it is great value at its normal retail price. I think I will be investing in more Voxengo plugs in the future.

The stability is excellent for me bar the issue I had which I believe was host related anyway.

All in all a quality plug, excellent price and support, thank you Voxengo!

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