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Invisible Limiter

Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter) Plugin by A.O.M.
¥ 13,200

Invisible Limiter has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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Invisible Limiter

Reviewed By Wishoff [all]
May 24th, 2011
Version reviewed: 1.31 on Windows

The Invisible Limiter is a brick wall limiter, that took me by surprise some cold day not so long ago. I used the old free version which already then was great, but the latest 1.3 version (Commercial version) has some extra features, which takes it to dimensions you usually pay 10 or maybe 50 times more money for.

It has automatic attack and release times, which i first found annoying by the looks of it, but it´s really not needed to tweak the times with this plug-in, as it´s timing optimization is doing a great job by it´s own.

The GUI is good, but not the fastest in the field. It´s VU meters are a bit laggy and non-responsive, and it has a RSS feed thing in the top right corner, which causes me a lot of trouble. Besides that, it´s easy to use, easy to find the few controls it has and easy to make things sound great fast.

The best feature about this plug-in must be the M/S channel Mode, i totally love the sound of tightly compressed mono and stereo, it really glues it all together without the muddy sound easy to get from other software. Sounds really stand out but never left alone. Combine MS mode with 16 x Oversampling, pump up the input gain, and you are on.

It also have the ability to keep the overshoot instead of removing it, and it can run in low latency mode and normal mode, as it is a limiter perfect for mastering, i find these features a bit pointless, but well, nice to have i guess.

Genre wise it fits for almost all styles, because it does not have a sound for itself, it just get the volume high, without you noticing it. They say that it´s transparent and invisible, and i must agree with A.O.M.

Well it is very easy to use in the first place, but it´s also very easy to get help on-line, and the support team are fast and well formulated. As mentioned, i had a weird problem with the RSS feed, and mailed A.O.M. about this, few hours later they responded, that they also could reproduce the bug, and that they are working hard to get it fixed. And it is fixed!

Presets? we don't neeed, presests! Seriously, it's not needed, as it is so easy to operate, and that it has no sound of it's own.

Quality wise it´s top notch, really, i have no idea where this plug-in came from, oh yeah Japan. They really did some magic, and the price is ridiculously low.

Overall i love this plug-in, i can't understand how it's possible to produce such an excellent piece of software, and i hate to rate some of the fields bad because it deserves a clean 10 in the overall. My arms and hands will never come down again, just so full of joy over this mystical Japanese ninja, stealthy sliding in the night, making everything sound louder and better.
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Comments & Discussion for A.O.M. Invisible Limiter

Discussion: Active
28 November 2012 at 11:47pm

I dunno about the PC but on the Mac they don't even work, especially the "stereo widening". I suspect the PC version is made with Synth-edit and the Mac version is made with Synth-Maker. Avoid these and don't believe the first Reviewer.

Basically avoid this collection of plugins

28 February 2013 at 10:19pm

They are 64-bit. Is that possible with synthmaker and synthedit?

19 March 2013 at 1:56pm

realmarco - if You would try this limiter then You would notice that it can do the job better than FG-X. It's absolutely the secret weapon of limiting. No reason to avoid this wonderful piece of software. And it WASN'T made in SynthEdit.

As developwer says - and I believe him, not You:

"I have never used SynthMaker/SynthEdit. I have to show that on KVR DB if I used SynthMaker. All plugins are written in c++ and objective-c, and license manager is in python.".

So stop hating :P.

17 February 2013 at 9:58pm

just because they "don't work" on a Mac?

17 May 2013 at 8:24pm

Limiter works on the OS X 64-bit really good. Sounds like analog limiter on 8x oversampling. I never heard such transparent limiter like plugin before. 10 out of 10 Period.

11 October 2013 at 8:55pm

I can not agree more with xtrax. Best plugin limiter hands down.


24 December 2016 at 9:07pm

Relax people. You can't remove dynamics without altering the balance. "as if they weren't there..." So the attack-transients will not be altered? I didn't know that this is possible. At least not according to the laws of acoustics-physics.. :-) And Invisible Limiter G2 costs 200 Dollars on the site??? 200 Dollars? For 1 plugin? Buy it and then tell yourself that you feel smart. A full blown DAW costs 100-400. We are talking one Fully equipped production centre with dozens of synths, effects and samples included. You still find it reasonable to pay that for one single plugin? Or is it harder to program a limiter than it is to create a whole DAW for the same money? Whatever. Oh now that i think of it Ozone 7 standard costs 250? A whole mastering suite? How much was Invisible limiter again? 120 for "standard and 200 for supa dupa G2" ? The first thing you find out when you dig in to the "magic" of mastering engineers or artists whose sound you like and respect is that first of all they know how to mix. It's not cause of plugins. Balance is EVERYTHING. If the mix is bad no one can ever make it sound like it's a good mix. A good mix will always sound better even with a cheap limiter on it, than a bad mix with Invisible Limiter on it. Think on that for a second and make what you want with the information. you can throw it away if you like. I still like you. It's just i thought to say something different than "go for it" or " buy of the century" when young people insecure of how to get a good sound will spend their last money because they think a plugin or a hardware compressor worth 10.000 will save a bad mix. Well it won't. Ask any serious mastering engineer. 200 euros for a software limiter. I will be having nightmares tonight....... :-)

21 May 2021 at 7:04am

Well, maybe it's a bit expensive but I don't agree about the difference between Invisible and Ozone, Invisible has a clear quality that you will not find anywhere, ozone is too dirty IMHO. Maybe they will do it as AOM did, but for now, I don't need all these mastering dirty things if I can use only one limiter, that's all.

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