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JBM Zoundle

Sample Browser Plugin by JoBroMedia
No Longer Available

Soundware for JBM Zoundle

No other products at KVR have been tagged as soundware for JBM Zoundle.

Comments & Discussion for JoBroMedia JBM Zoundle

Discussion: Active
2 August 2014 at 8:05am

First I was very surprised by this submission because I can't remember entrees like this before. Very creative out of the box thinking there!
Secondly, after install I asked myself if this not just advertising for a website, but after registering and noticing that I had an account already there,
I finally could try the plugin and could give it a place in usability while making music.
Ofcourse you need to be online to make this working, and I heard many of us do not have internet on their DAW pc, but I have.
The difference it makes is time-sparing in my case. You have a library of sounds (I still don't know how big the Freesound.org library is) to choose from, directly from your DAW without the need of searching through your own library for ages to find that certain sample, that maybe isn't even there, and makes you start browsing the internet for the next time, forgetting your goal, making some sound.
I had no time to check the advanced search options but there are so many! (for users with high demands for low cost?).

2 August 2014 at 7:25pm

Thanks for your comment! I know it might be seen as advertisement, but that wasn't my slightest goal. Previously I discovered that the search URL had no meta data in it, it was just recently when they upgraded their API to v2.0 that they made that search URL much easier to read with a lot of useful meta data embedded in it. By flipping a check box, selecting a menu item, entering some text, the URL was suddenly customizable in real time. So I thought:

"What if I had available a database of search entries customized to give me the most quality sounds I need, as a VST plugin"

Hence JBM FSL was born. But I thought that the name wasn't good enough, so I changed it to Zoundle.

9 August 2014 at 11:31am

this would be so much more useful if it could search/catalogue samples on your hd as well.
I've tried several sample manager programs but I've not found one that isn't buggy and can cope with a huge sample library (over 1Tb)
I seldom need to go online to find samples, I've got the right sample, somewhere, if only there was a program, ....


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