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Was $99.00; Save $30.00 until 31 Jul 2024!


Bass Synthesiser Plugin by Moog Music
$99 for Desktop / $29.99 for iOS

Mariana has an average user rating of 2.75 from 4 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Mariana


Reviewed By elfareh [all]
May 29th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

It seems Moog - like Roland - will also be joining the ranks of legendary hardware creators that couldn't code their way out of a VB hello world calculator. The sound is brilliant, but the DSP load and UI is quite possibly the worst i've encountered.

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Reviewed By DrWashington [all]
May 29th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on Windows

Needs serious work: it's a CPU hog and the sound quality just can't justify it--it's nothing extraordinary. It's good, but it definitely does not sound like a hardware Moog (which it was intended to replace on my end, a Minitaur specifically) and the filters really lack that special something I want to hear in analog bass synths. In any case, there's no way such a massive CPU hit on latest generation CPUs can be justified.

Secondly, putting so many basic controls on another page makes programming a real pain.

Thirdly, MIDI Learn is a PITA to use and is well-hidden.

I really wanted to like this synth, but even at $49 it's a purchase I regret. The UI really is terrible to use. We can handle all the basic synth functions on one page. That isn't "cluttered": it's normal for synth users in 2024.

Just please standardize around right-click MIDI Learn/Unlearn and be done with it. Stop trying to complicate things just because you can.

It bears repeating: even on an i9-13900K, the CPU hit is intolerable. There's just no excuse for this in 2024, not on a synth that sounds quite this underwhelming, anyway.

Many other devs are making far more analog-sounding, meatier bass synths (or synths that happen to be fantastic bass synths) that are quite well-optimized and well-behaved. Moog is seriously dropping the ball here.

v 2.0 better be a massive step up in terms of sound and usability or I can't honestly see myself pulling this one back up. Really disappointing.

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Reviewed By dlandis [all]
May 28th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on Windows

Mariana sounds unmistakably like a Moog without sounding just like a Taurus or Mini (or anything else I'm aware of that Moog produces or has produced.) Though it retains an unmistakable Moog patina, it is quite its own beast and has turned into one of the first plugins I check out for bass sounds. It is simple enough to turn out quality bass sounds easily, yet has a couple tricks up its sleeve to set it a bit apart and point it in a modern direction. And it has more bottom end than almost anything I've heard. If you're in the market for an extremely solid bass synth capable of subs, understated tones, more aggressive textures, and almost anything in between, you should definitely check this out. There is a trial for download to help you make your own judgment.

One more comment: Mariana works great with MPE: I've using an Erae Touch to great effect with it. Very cool.

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Reviewed By SOUTWOOD [all]
March 20th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Very CPU heavy. I've got a brand new top of the line intel chipset with 64g RAM and it still overwhelms my PC to the point where it's almost unusable. Forget about using it on multiple tracks.

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