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File Manager Plugin by InvolvedAudio

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Download MediaOrganizer for Windows from static.kvraudio.com
Download MediaOrganizer for macOS from static.kvraudio.com

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Comments & Discussion for InvolvedAudio MediaOrganizer

Discussion: Active
19 May 2020 at 10:33pm

It really looks promising and solid, I like the design, vibe and the idea behind. The feature that you can play every sample like a sampler - is awesome. The library works like VST instrument and accept MIDI signals.

I like that library is saved in a file and you know where it is. Unlike others, MediaOrganizer doesn't hide the database from you.

But I stumbled upon few disadvantages, maybe in the future they might be resolved.

I scanned my 350 000 samples folder and MediaOrganizer saw all of that files but than it started to add them to the database and I hanged my DAW for like 2 hours and done only 5%. Maybe there is some faster way create the initial catalog and then add the details. I restarted the app and now it seems okay, idk. I did rescan and it doesn't act like it was interrupted.

The other feature that I would like - disable re-sampling and trigger initial pitch for all MIDI keys that I press. Sometimes I am really not sure if I play the right key to hear original version.

And the last thing: somehow easy show files for currently selected directory. Something that can recursively search in sub-directories and show all the files in a given directory and its sub-directories.

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