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Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio

Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio has an average user rating of 4.67 from 3 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio

Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio

Reviewed By Chipi [all]
May 11th, 2021
Version reviewed: V.10 on Windows

UPDATE: 6/13/23 * Mixcraft Pro Studio V.10 *

- Incredible scaling for superb scalable 4K/8K monitors.

- FULL VST3 support with incredibly robust stability on par with Pro-Tools.

- Excellent mixer with a completely revamped and highly accurate mixer.

- Accurate mixdown of the master that sounds exactly like the original mix (leaving FL Studio and Studio One 6 with their flat and non-dynamic mixdown) Mixcraft exports your work in 24-bits with a professional and unique precision in the market.

- A joke price, I paid $39 for the upgrade from 9 to v10 (Well done Acoustica!!!).

- Professional effects.

- Incredibly robust MIDI board and never leaves a note behind when you Quantize.

- Best DAW on the market with CPU heavy VST like 'Avenger - Vengeance' - I could simultaneously run 41 instances of the synth and it barely scraped 35%, impressive performance.

- Dream automation, any handle you move on the synth will record excellently! You can cut and paste entire tracks including all automation.

- Excellent Samplers included, you drag a loop and it automatically cuts it mapped to the Sampler, crazy.

- TB Barricade the best mid class limiter on the market! Try it, your mix will never be as punchy as with it.

- Instant combination of synth layering and layered effects with instant recall.

- Excellent and robust audio handling and wave elasticity algorithm, whatever you throw at the sequencer it will automatically put it in time, not like Studio One's garbage, you have to manipulate it and it never stays in time, Mixcraft is classy here.

- The recording controls bar detached wherever you want, lightning fast loading of large projects and top notch support make Mixcraft v10 the DAW of your dreams, trust me, it leaves all the others that cost 10 times more by the way!.

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Comments & Discussion for Acoustica Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio

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original flipper
original flipper
3 April 2017 at 11:00am


I agree that Mix craft is a pretty intuitive program to use - the mixer EQ could be a bit more flexibile beyond the 3 bands covered.

Anyways - nice review, a change from the 1 line 'this is great software' reviews that often pop up here.

25 February 2019 at 3:41am

I like Mixcraft because before when I was using FL Studio it was just too much extra stuff foe me to deal with, messing with channel racks and having to always try to remember to click in another pattern for the next virtual instrument parts, or I'd end up with some inconvenient problem.. All that was slowing down my creativity and I felt I needed to get back to a DAW that was simular enough to the past DAW's I've used that I had gotten so use to, and was quite enough more nice and easier to compose, mix, and master beats in. I found Mixcraft really quite enough easier for me to the point, that I've been moving along nicely with making beats in it. The time it's taking me to make a beat now in Mixcraft some music production software producers would probably still think to be long, but it's really still quite enough faster for sure than it was taking me in FL Studio. I'm also so glad that most of my sound processing and virtual instrument vst' plugins also work in Mixcraft.

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