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Modular V3

Synth (Modular) Plugin by Arturia

Modular V3 has an average user rating of 3.90 from 10 reviews

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Modular V3

Reviewed By MarkM [all]
December 28th, 2004
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

MMV2 reminds me of a flight simulator. In front of you is a realistic representation of a Moog Modular with nine oscillators, LFOs, EGs, several filters, a 3x8 sequencer, chorus, phaser, white and pink noise generators, a sample and hold module, a ring modulator, an enveloope follower, fixed filter modules and other modules ready to be connected together with virtual (Reason-like) cables. There is no mod matrix buried under pages of menus. It's all in front of you just like Moog initially designed. In a sense, it is like a primer for sound design.
MMV comes with some wonderful presets that get you up and running. There is a fairly good manual that will walk you through the modules and give you a lesson on synth theory.
Installing is easy and painless; you just enter your serial number and then you can register to be able to downlaod more presets. I think one of the few cons I have against MMV2 is that to import more presets or banks you have to use the original installation disk.
I love the sound. It's warm and gritty. The filters are very responsive. Unlike the real Moog, this virtual version can be polyphonic. However, when adding additional voices the CPU gets gobbled up quickly. Stereo is easily accomplished with the MMV2 because there are two VCAs; each with it's own panning pot. The effect modules are stereo and can be assigned to either or both VCAs. The delay is terrific as is the chorus. The phaser is mediocre at best.
I am enjoying the step sequencer. It's very flexible and besides doing the Berlin school thing, it can easily be used to modulate other parameters in the synth. I like that you can have a heavy pad sound going with a light sequence going on in the background for texture. The sequencer can go backwards, forwards, both ways, in rows or in columns. You can configure one or more oscillators to sequence through one line of the sequencer and another set of oscillators to go through a different line or column, and at the same time you could have one of the lines modulate a filter.
There are several filters to choose from and you can go out of one filter into another very easily. The low pass filters are very responsive. I also like the formant filter which will give you some vowel like sounds. There can be some extensive mods made to it. The Bode Frequency Shifter is an unusual module. It can produce some 50s sci-fi sounds. I confess I haven't used it much only because I am not too familiar with it. None of my other synths have anything that sounds like it. I find the other filters (high pass, general) mediocre.
Another great feature is the Unison mode. This can really fatten up the sound.
I have had a few crashes, because it is very easy to gobble of CPU power when adding voices and unison. But in most cases this is a fairly stable program.
Does it sound like a Moog Modular? I don't know. I have never owned one. But I don't really care if it sounds like the real thing or not. It sounds great; very warm, fat bottom end, breathy sweeps. A versatile pad machine as well as a strong lead synth. The step sequencer is one of the best features and distinguishes it from most VSTi's.
Customer service is ok. I had a question and received an email answer two days later. There is a Yahoo users group as well.
A couple other cons: when used in standalone the virtual control pots move easily. But in VST mode they are too sensitive to the mouse. However, with an external controller the pots can be assigned and are easier to control. The graphics are so detailed, it is hard to read the settings. Fortunately a popup with the current setting appears as soon as the mouse appears over the pot.
This would be a great synth for anyone wanting to learn the basics of sound design. It is also a great sounding instrument that complements other synths.
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Comments & Discussion for Arturia Modular V3

Discussion: Active
Guy Richardson
Guy Richardson
22 September 2012 at 9:35am

Lovely set of sounds by skawiwen - thank you. Is there much demand for new sounds for the Modular - I have some nice things I could upload if there is interest?

29 November 2012 at 9:14am

@billbuxton: I would definitely be interested :)

Guy Richardson
Guy Richardson
7 December 2012 at 3:38am

OK Adagiocm - there's a few sounds to play with. Cheers Bill

8 December 2012 at 6:30am

Fantastic sounds, thank you Bill ! I especially like the pads a lot.

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