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Modular V3

Synth (Modular) Plugin by Arturia

Modular V3 has an average user rating of 3.90 from 10 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Modular V3

Modular V3

Reviewed By taijiguy [all]
June 23rd, 2006
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

I’ve been using the Moog Modular V since it first came out. If I could only own one soft synth, this would be it.

GUI: The user interface looks very impressive, but it’s difficult to use. The most annoying thing is the need to scroll up and down because the entire interface can’t be displayed at one time. I’m sure this is because of the enormous number of modules and controls that made up the hardware MMV and the need of Arturia to make the interface as manageable as possible while staying true to the original instrument. If the entire interface were to be displayed, the controls would have to be a lot smaller than they are. But it makes programming very difficult and time-consuming.

Sound: The sound is fantastic! Although I’ve never played with a hardware MMV, I’m guessing that the sound is very similar. At the very least, it’s the best sounding software version of any Moog synth and quite a bit better than many analog-modeling hardware synths. It can produce many types of sounds from a fat, growling bass to high-pitched bells or spacey sound effects.

Features: The MMV is loaded with features, including the ability to change the module selection to some degree. It can be used as a VSTi or as a standalone soft synth. The patch cords are a nice touch.

Docs: A pretty extensive manual comes with the MMV and it includes several tutorials that range in complexity from producing a simple sound using the least number of modules to complex multi-oscillator sounds incorporating the sequencer. But the real fun of playing with the MMV comes after you’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and you are able to create your own sounds.

Presets: There are plenty of onboard presets that were created by some well-known Moog users. Analysis of them is very helpful in learning to use this complex piece of software. You can also download user banks from the Arturia website or from other sources on the Web. I think it’s worthwhile to create your own user bank from the presets that you find useful, as well as your own presets. Because of the enormous number of presets that come with the MMV, it will make finding the ones you like a lot easier.

Support: The few times I’ve used Arturia support, they were quick to respond and very helpful.

VFM: The MMV is priced fairly and has actually come down in price since it was first release.

Stability: When MMV was first released, it was a CPU hog and regularly locked up my PC when using complex sequences. Those problems seem to have been solved with version 2.
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Comments & Discussion for Arturia Modular V3

Discussion: Active
Guy Richardson
Guy Richardson
22 September 2012 at 9:35am

Lovely set of sounds by skawiwen - thank you. Is there much demand for new sounds for the Modular - I have some nice things I could upload if there is interest?

29 November 2012 at 9:14am

@billbuxton: I would definitely be interested :)

Guy Richardson
Guy Richardson
7 December 2012 at 3:38am

OK Adagiocm - there's a few sounds to play with. Cheers Bill

8 December 2012 at 6:30am

Fantastic sounds, thank you Bill ! I especially like the pads a lot.

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