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#KVRDeal Expired
NUGEN Producer Fiesta - 50% Off
17 May 2024
NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter (v4.3.0.6), Stereoizer, (v3.5.0.4), and Stereoplacer (v3.3.0.6)12 Dec 2022NUGEN Annual Survey 2022: $100 voucher & free plugin for participation17 Jan 2022NUGEN Audio offers replacement licenses and resources to support users20 Apr 2020NUGEN Audio releases Stereoplacer (v3.2.0.), Monofilter (v4.2.0.0) and Stereoizer (v3.4.0.1)14 Jun 2019NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter to v4.1.15.0 and Halo Downmix to v1.2.0.026 Feb 2019NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter to v4.1.14.207 Jan 2019NUGEN Audio launches new bundles with special upgrade options for existing users21 Jun 2018NUGEN Audio updates Stereopack to v3.1.10 (Stereoplacer), 3.2.9 (Stereoizer) & 4.1.13 (Monofilter)10 Mar 2016NUGEN Audio releases 3 Audio Toolkits: Producer Pack, Master Pack, and Mix Tools21 Jan 2015NUGEN Audio Announces VST3 Compatibility Across Entire Range of Plug-Ins09 Oct 2014NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter to v4.07 and Stereoplacer to v3.0413 May 2011NUGEN Audio releases VST3 versions of Stereopack bundle (Monofilter, Stereoizer and Stereoplacer) and VisLM28 Apr 2011NUGEN Audio releases Stereopack v2.0 including RTAS and Window 64-bit24 Jan 2011NUGEN Audio updates Stereopack (Stereoizer 3.1.8, Monofilter 4.05, Stereoplacer 3.02)16 Dec 2010NUGEN Audio releases Stereopack 2 (Stereoizer, Monofilter, Stereoplacer)06 Dec 2010NUGEN Audio updates All VST OSX Plug-ins04 Nov 2010NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter to v4.0.420 Oct 2010NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter to v4.0229 Jun 2010NUGEN Audio Master Edition Bundle Prize added to KVR 10 Celebration22 Jun 2010NUGEN Audio releases Monofilter 4 (and announces Stereoizer + Monofilter Bundle)02 Jun 2010Nugen Audio updates Mac Versions of its Plug-ins01 Oct 2009Nugen Audio announces Student Discounts22 Sep 2009NuGen Audio releases Stereo Techniques Tutorial Video21 May 2009NuGen Audio announces Celebration Group Buy – 55% off for one week only23 Mar 2009NuGen Audio updates Monofilter for Mac to v3.2.622 Oct 2008NuGen Audio updates Monofilter, Stereoizer, Stereoplacer (Stereo Pack)10 Apr 2008NuGen Audio updates Stereo Pack, Line-up, Visualizer, SEQ1 and SEQ205 Mar 2008NuGen Audio updates Monofilter to v3.2.2, Stereoizer to v2.6.2 and Stereoplacer to v2.3.210 Jan 2008NuGen Audio releases Stereo Pack Bundle for Mac OS X and Windows13 Dec 2007NuGen Audio releases Monofilter for Mac OS X13 Dec 2007NuGen Audio releases Monofilter v3.2 public beta for Mac OS X06 Nov 2007NuGen Audio updates Monofilter to v3.224 Jul 2007NuGen Audio updates Monofilter to v3.101 Nov 2006NuGen Audio releases Monofilter 328 Jun 2006NuGen Audio updates Stereoizer (v2.4), Monofilter (v2.2) & Stereoplacer (v2.2)21 Jun 2006NuGen Audio releases Monofilter 3 public beta 419 Jun 2006NuGen Audio updates Monofilter to v2.1 (incl. LT)14 Feb 2006NuGen Audio releases Monofilter v2.024 Jan 2006

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