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More Feedback Machine

Delay / Echo Plugin by u-he

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Download More Feedback Machine for Windows from u-he.com
Download More Feedback Machine for macOS from u-he.com

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for More Feedback Machine [Show all for]
by blortblort [Show all by] on 21 August 2016
Downloaded: 91 times
Here are 100 freebie presets for MFM 2 from your pal, blortblort

As many may know by now, I'm a certified delay junkie. MFM2 has always been one of those devices that daunted me a bit...so i decided to dive in ;]
Here is the result of my first "deep dive" into MFM2
Though several have gone deeper and many more have a MUCH better grasp of the workings of MFM2, I wanted to see where MY experiments might take me.

MOST of the presets in the 100 here involve multiple delay time manipulations. Not necessarily morphing per se, but more multiple polyrhytmical attitudes:

for instance- delay line jumping from 1/4 to 1/8 to 1/32 with different lengths of time in between the changes, etc...

Using MSEGs and user defined LFO's that MFM2 has to offer, these sorts of manipulations are not very difficult to accomplish...and they have astonishing results.

enough babbling...

easiest installation of the preset folder
open MFM2 in your DAW
clik on the "presets" tab at the bottom LH side of the GUI
right clik on a preset and you will see the menu option "open in explorer"
clik on open in explorer
drag or paste 09 stalactites_BB into the folder that explorer opened.
close explorer
close/delete MFM2 from the track you loaded it into
reopen MFM2
...you should now see 09 stalactites_BB in your menu options within MFM2

for More Feedback Machine [Show all for]
by Krakatau [Show all by] on 3 October 2014
Downloaded: 139 times
A collection of sympathetic resonances that covers a wide variety of intervals, triads and 4 delay lines chords (+ a few unissons presets)

Watch the included read me file for more informations

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