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Cinematic by Zero-G

Morphology has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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Reviewed By x_bruce [read all by] on 31st May 2004
Version reviewed: 1.x on Windows
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Zero-G wins with this simple and ready to go soundscape and ambient sound generator. There area 3.2 gigabytes of data to work with in Kompakt's synth engine. The engine features a great deal of visual feedback, better than average synth features and acceptable effects, if you even bother.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of atmospheres and rolling, boiling, moving sounds that are easy to assemble your own patches and MULTIS. A MULTI is nothing more than using any of the 8 channels available polyphonically. They can be set to all one channel or eight different ones. There are many strategies you may try. In any case the MULTI strategy is a good one as you can set up animated sounds with each sample you use. While not much for leads or basses Morphology is great for mood. At $160 street price you aren't going to do much better and for the price of a few loop libraries you can do your own and best of all, since the CPU use is light you can do so with very great detail.

A must for film, ambient, even harder music styles that need drones and sounds that make impact they are here and they are super easy to program. In terms of value, incredible value. In terms if you need it, ask yourself if you can make similar sounds. If you have a lot of synths and time to make perfect loops then you dono't need Morphology. If time is valuable to you then Morphology is close to essential. Keep in mind this is not phenominal sampling, more like great taste in general.

And if you are a Kontakt user, you will be able to work with Morphology providing you purchased the 1.5 upgrade. It is a worthwhile synth even when it becomes apparant the samples are highly developed. Forget that and listen to what you have to work with. It can be a humbling expeience.

Here's what it comes down to. There are sounds, even pitched ones, that are of use in many styles of music and you can do a good amount of your own programming. If that worries you a day with Kompakt and reading the manual and you'll be much more confident. Unlike the loop libraries so many people purchased, you don't have to sound like everyone else as you can find your own voice within the aether of floating sounds and jackhammer noisescapes.

Recommended for anyone interested in all types of ambience, new programmers wanting to learn without messing up - it's hard to do so in Morphology. If you like this kind of abstract work Morphology will keep your work fresh and unlike others, even other Morphology users.

Simple, but simplicity is often the makings of vastly complex sounds. This is a specialized synthesizer but Morphology could easily be the one synth you need to compose with. As a composer I like changing timbres around and can strongly recommend Vapor by East West as a companion synth. As a specialist Morphology is wonderful, as anything other than it's specialty Morphology is two dimensional. If moods of all sorts is your thing you will be very happy and lost in Morphology's depth of sonic worlds.

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