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Modulation (Flanger / Phaser / Chorus / Tremolo) Plugin by MeldaProduction

MTremoloMB has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for MTremoloMB

Reviewed By pheeleep [read all by] on May 6th, 2010
Version reviewed: 7 64-bit on Windows
Once in a while a new company comes out with innovative products and sets new standards. In my opinion, MediaProduction has done just that with their line of multiband creative effects, including the MMultibandTremolo.

Great Sound and fun to use: The quality of this MeldaProduction plugin (as with all of their plugins) is undeniable.
I see them as musical plugins that can sound sterile if you want them to be.

Great Features: First and foremost, one of the most important features in my eyes is that the Tremolo syncs to host. Sounds logical that this option would be available, right? You may or may not be surprised to find out that not all tremolo plugins sync to host. Also, some do, but don't allow you to turn the option off if you want to. With MMultibandTremolo, you have 15 different syncable lengths you can choose from (which controls the length of the wobble and it’s relation to time). I tend to use ½, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 a lot but faster and slower options are also available. In addition you can switch the type of synced tremolo from Straight to dotted and triplets. Don't want to sync to tempo? No problem, just disable the sync option and adjust the parameters manually.

The true power of the multiband version is that you can add up to 6 individual frequency bands, each with their own adjustable syncable tremolo. You can change the shape of the Tremolo for each band (16 standard shapes to choose from plus you can modify these shapes by drawing your own envelopes). You can manually adjust, automate or modulate the gain , pan and bandwidth limits of each band. This makes for some really creative and interesting sound design.

One of the strongest strengths of this plugin is it’s ability to modulate it’s parameters internally, using the 4 modulators (each modulator can control a multitude of different parameters, each parameter being modulated according to user defined values). You can control the amounts of modulation, their range, speed and direction. In addition to the modulators there are 4 adjustable Multiparameter menus, each with their own slider, which allow you to globally change the values of several individually linked parameters (which you configure the way you want).
Finally, you can use the Megapowerful ABCD morphing feature. Extremely powerful (too powerful? Lol) morphing feature.

This plugin is CPU friendly if you want it to be :)

I use an intel i7 920@ 2.67GHz. Windows 7 64-bit. ( I am using the 32 bit MeldaProduction plugins in my host FL Studio, which is 32-bit). Loading 1 instance with 1 band uses about 3% CPU. Each additional band inserted adds 1% CPU. I often find myself working with 3 bands, which uses 5% CPU. Modulating, adding parameters to modulate, etc. does not seem to increase the CPU usage.

The GUI: I like the clean look. The GUI is easy to navigate. Somewhat customizable. You can change the basic layout (limited options) and colors (also limited). You can RESIZE the GUI! I’m using a 28 inch monitor and a 24 inch monitor with my DAW. I love being able to make the GUI bigger. Many of the GUI’s I use from other companies feel too small. They didn’t used to, but now that computer monitors have gotten bigger and bigger, they feel small. Giving the option to the user to customize the size of the GUI is a big plus for me.

One downside with the GUI is that you can’t have multiple windows open at one time, but as I understand it, this is a limitation of the host not being able to handle this.

Customer Support: After trying the free plugins and demos of the creative bundle, I fell in love with the plugins. I bought the creative bundle. My only wish at the time was being able to adjust, modulate, and automate the panning of each band for all plugins. So I posted this feature request in the official forum and hoped that maybe one day it would be considered, perhaps even implemented, way down the line. The same day, the developer (Vojtech) replied saying ”Sounds original”.. We worked out how to implement the feature in the existing GUI, and 4 hours later I found out that the panning feature had been implemented and that a new release of all plugins was imminent. A few days later, I downloaded the new versions and saw my feature request become a reality before my eyes. The experience was surreal. A little while later, I suggested to add a Master Output Gain for all plugins. This also has been implemented in all plugins.... :)

I love this plugin. You have got to try it! I guarantee it will change the way you think about what a Tremolo effect can do. Everything that came before it is now obsolete. Try the demos of other MeldaProduction multiband plugins while you’re at it (definitely grab the free ones at least). I love MCompressor. You won’t regret it. Outstanding line of plugins..... Clap Clap Clap.. PS: The manual is in the GUI. Click the "?" buttons. Small bugs. Seems they are fixed promptly after each release.

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