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Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by NOVAkILL
NEOkILLER X2 by NOVAkILL is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin.
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Main features:

  • 2 x Oscillators with 4 waveforms plus a Noise oscillator.
  • Multi-Mode Filter with an X-Y Pad to mix the output of each mode [Low/High/Band Pass and Band Reject].
  • 6-stage Mod Envelope with selectable Decay slope.
  • 2 x Tempo-synced LFO.
  • New style Mod Matrix with 13 Mod sources and 15 destinations.
  • Comprehensive VCA section.
  • Expanded 32 step Gate effect.
  • Distortion effect.
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Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.33 from 3 reviews

Reviewed By FarleyCZ
December 23, 2011

Let's face it. Most of the freeware synths are lame, becouse if they weren't, they'd be payware. Logical thing in this society. But every rule has it's exceptions. In this case NovaKILL... (aaand TAL, but that's not the story now)

User Interface 9,5/10

I've always been fan of Novakill. You need to get used to their interfaces, but as far as estetical thinking... top notch. Amazing designs! I wonder who does graphic for this. Rreally cool.

And layout? Well as soon as you find it, you'll see it's very logical! :)

Features 9/10

NEOkiller is more like classical synth, but with amazing mod matrix, distortion and such. It's not any modular beast, but in terms of freeware, you can't got any higher. I own payware synths with much less features than NEOkiller. Absolutely no complain.

Sound 10/10

HOW? HOW?!?! I mean... how is it possible they don't want to make money on this? It's amazing. I try it calm down a little, but in it's true core it's just hardcore killer for big distorted leads. Almost no CPU consumption so no problem to layer it as hell too.

Stability 10/10

No crashes.


Everyone not using these don't know about them. Nothing in between. One of... no... THE best FW synths ever made. Synth1 is cool, but this kick butts in really big style!

Read Review

Reviewed By arke
June 8, 2006

It won't do your high pitched arps or tarnce leads, but it'll do everything else!

NEOkILLER X2 is my #1 Go-To synth when I'm looking for basses, low leads, acid lines, or low effects.

User Interface:
PERFECT! It doesn't get any better. Everything is laid out logically, its easy to find, everything is right there.

It really depends on what sound you're looking for. The Oscillators are very buzzy (since this is the sound BONES wants/needs in his music), and in the higher registers you get some nasty aliasing and atonal distortion. So this thing will not give you a nice tasty trance lead or string sound like PolyIBlit. However, it is VERY adept at basses and growling leads. I frequently use a heavily filtered pulse wave to make a sort of warm sub bass, and the saw wave for "acid sweeps" (I used to use Tau for that, but with NEOkILLER I just set the LFOs and it does all the sweeps for me). The filter is the standard SE SVF, I believe, which does its job fine. However, I only use the LP mode or, rarely, BP mode, since the rest passes through too many of the highs (yes i know, I can EQ, but thats not the point :)). The Distortion is absolutely wonderful. Turn up the Low Cut about a quarter of the way, and it screams in agony (or was it glee?)

There are a few things I barely ever use (self-sync, hard-sync, gate) and a few things I wish it had (detune for Osc1, second filter, amp env as modulation source) but overall I can't complain - it does exactly what I need for those basses and growling leads.

I think the best documentation for anything is the documentation which is not needed because its self-explanatory, so I've never needed it at all. However, I did look on the site and saw a manual, and looked over it. Wow! A really great Manual, including introduction tutorial, parameter reference with illustrations, and MIDI CC table. Really great!

It comes with a few good presets which really illustrate its ability to do punchy gnarly low leads and, to a lesser extent, basses. I don't use them though, I find it much quicker (and funner) to load up the initial patch and start from scratch.

Customer Support:
I haven't had to deal with BONES about NEOkILLER X2 but I have a bit with other things, and that was absolutely great (quick, concise, and clear response).

Value for Money:
Its free, so by definition it has wonderful value for money.

Not a crash since I've used it. And I've used it since before it came out (he released a public demo a while before).Read Review

Reviewed By Stairsteps
July 27, 2005

Ahh what a turn around, I was once jadded on this synth because of the Very hard edge and type of music that comes out of it was not for my liking. But and i do mean BUT this has gone under a revision and I tried it agian, much to my suprise everything that i dis liked had nearly been addresed and now this is one of my go-to synths, Im not one to do reviews or offer out high praise as I have nearly every synth that i need to have and some that i dont need to have :)

But this is one synth that deserves the name kILLer , cause it is certianly that and then some. Im impressed at the care and prompt service that BONES and his team has shown this baby and here hoping that they continue to make all there kiLLer line of products as good as can be.

I didnt think synth edit was this good but Bones has proven me wrong. right up there with the best of the best of what synth edit can do. Now just think what you could do if you had some flesh lol

Ok On with my review User interface has improved and now it dosent make my mouse jitter so whatever they did they did good in this area im happy.

Sound: Vastly improved as it dosent crackle anymore and has a very distinct character to it that i find tasty. so without reservations the sound is GREAT

Features: Well this thing is jamed with stuff to mangle and destroy with , its a virtual playground of destruction Muhahaha Just kiddin but serious its very handy and intutive to boot.

Documentation: Well there i find it lacking but the GUI and user functions are all self explanatory if you have a novices idea of filters and lfos and what not

Presets: Humm I have to say they have improved to a degree where I now use this synth in alot of my current projects and I have a ton of synths to call on, which is a testament to the strength of this synth.

Customer support: Here is where it all counts as far as im concerned, its ppl like BONES and his team who dont rest on there laurels cranking out copycat synths but listen to its customer base and really trys to implement functions that are needed in a timley fashion and all the while helping other ppl here on Kvr with problems in any area that hey can, so I would say A+ to this area

Value for money : Well there are a ton of things out here and the thing i valus the most is my time so lets be BLUNDT about this, get this synth you wont be sorry.

Stable: Hasnt crashed on me yet like the old one did on me several times, which is why im so happy now that things are working proper with this synth, as it really fills a gap in a way or synths have not so i rely on it alot and it has not let me down once.

Thanks guys and keep on rocking and making synths too. special thanks to BONES for listening :)Read Review

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