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Neuronal Synth Plugin by Prosoniq

User Reviews by KVR Members for NeuronVS

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Reviewed By OMU [read all by] on January 12th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac.
Last edited by OMU on 12th January 2006.
The best thing that can be said about Neuron VS is that it actually exists and the worse thing that is related to it is that Hartmann-Music will probably cease to exist so there won't be updates to this first and, as expected from a v1.0, buggy version.
On MacOSX 10.4.2 in LogicPro 7.1.1 on a single 1.67GHz G4 it works fine just don't unload it after loading it into an instrument channel. Also don't quit Logic as usual with command+q or from file menu/quit cause your mouse (and sometimes even the keyboard) will become unresponsive after this. The solution is to force quit Logic (and every other host I tried - Cubase, DP, Live) and nothing of these will happen.
The best thing about Neuron VS is how it sounds. There are now some virtual instruments from other companies that offer resynthesis but they are far from where Hartmann reached with the Neuron. The sound can be modified in such radical ways like no other plugin can. It has a unique character and the Nuke just adds the icing on the cake with realtime modifications of the resynators and silver parameters. It's fascinating to play with it. You can have instant compositions from just playing the keyboard and moving the stick.
Another very good thing is the interface. Though it's indeed a complex synth you can really learn it in 20 minutes. Everything is very clear laid down. For me it was the most successful visual experience with a synth including the hardware ones I ever used.
The presets included are good (some of them are extraordinary) and can show you what kind of instrument are you dealing with. Some of them may seem not so great but if you throw a reverb in and begin to play with the stick everything changes. The lack of reverb in the Silver section is a minus but now every host has a reverb that can be used for this.
But the real fun begins when you do your own sounds and for this you have to use ModelMaker, a Java application that could be downloaded by registering your copy. Being here I can say that although the resulting model can be quite different from the original sample (and you probably need to try different settings when making it) the results cannot be matched with any of the other plugins that I know of. The only downside is that you cannot do stick recording nore recording the stick movements as automation in Logic. It is probably an AU issue as in Cubase you can do that.
There are some major issues with Neuron VS though.
It is the most expensive instrument plugin on the market, and even worse, in short time there will be completely absent (not absynth ;) ) from the market due to the recent anounced insolvency of Hartmann Music, the second big issue also related to this being that right now custumer support is zero (there is,though, an unofficial user forum at SurroundSFX.com).
I, personnaly, feel happy of having such a special instrument but if Hartmann doesn't find a way of continuing to develop it in the future it will be like dead soon as Windows and MacOS will change in the near future their architecture.

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