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Poise Percussion Sampler

Drum Sampler Plugin by One Small Clue

Poise Percussion Sampler has an average user rating of 5.00 from 5 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Poise Percussion Sampler

Reviewed By reusenoise [read all by] on 21st December 2016
Version reviewed: 1.1.55 on Windows
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One of the best drum/percussion sample player, straighforward but with all the option you need, really easy and fun to use, responsive developer.

Reviewed By Monkage [read all by] on 21st August 2012
Version reviewed: 1.0.8 on Windows.
Last edited by Monkage on 21st August 2012.
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The best drum sampler around at the moment for me personally

Poise was designed from the very start to be intuitive and unobtrusive and seriously lacking in bloat

If you want a drum synth, look elsewhere

If you want a huge library of sounds (In fact any library of sounds hahaha) look elsewhere

If you want a multitude of built in FX, look elsewhere

Having said all that you may think that this plugin has very little going for it, you would be very wrong

This plugin never fights you like a lot of drum plugins can do with this feature hidden and that feature hidden and these million drumkits with those million drum hits and these 300 effects (That sound rubbish)

You use your own samples, every pad has its own output, the layout is very intuitive and the plugin itself is blindingly fast and uses very little CPU (Don't really wan't to make comparisons here but there are two major drum samplers on the market that really can have no claim to this at all, I sold both after using Poise)

32 and 64 bit and if the dev can get a Mac build out i would suggest that this could very well become the standard drum sampler that all others are judged by, all i can suggest here is that you download and try the demo (I wasn't convinced at all by the specs, I have to be honest) when you see how fast it is to work with and the slick usability, it will make you smile

The developer is not the most active it has to be said, however he is very honest which is a breath of fresh air, if you find a bug that can be replicated you can be sure it will get a fix very fast but if you are wanting this or that feature added you will mostly get the reply "I wont be adding any more features to this version of Poise and we will see if there is a V2" like i said a breath of fresh honest air.

Reviewed By replicant X [read all by] on 15th August 2012
Version reviewed: 1.1.19 on Windows
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One Small Clue's Poise is my favorite drum sampler.

It's very simple while having flexible usability.


I think one of most important function of drum sampler is sample audition.

At least it's very very important for me.

I think anyone can make good sound with bad sample.

Of course Poise have sample preview function and its access speed is very fast.

You don't need wait for the sampler to make index of all your hard drive or anoying fragile XML database.

And with single layer mode, you can stock 8 samples on one pad, so you can select witch one to use later.

This trick sacrifice multi layer function, but you can still layer two pads with Pad Link..

It's very flexible.

Sound Quality

Poise have two mode, Standard (Linear Interpolation) and High Quality (Sinc Interpolation).

I always use High Quality mode and it's very clear so I don't feel any unwanted coloring sound.

Embed Samples In Project File

This function! This function is very usable. Why so many Plugin haven't this function?

Perhaps not all host handle it, but with FL Studio it works fine.


Only 16 pads and not having chop function nor loop adjusting.

But It's not problem.

It's made for drum samples like MPC and is perfect for its aim.

In addition, you can link your Poise to multiple sample editors.

If you want more pads, insert more Poise.

Price and Protection

I got it with $49. It's cheap as an ogre.

Always no brainer.

And they don't use dongle nor C/R.

You don't need to afraid of one small developper having closed their site nor breaking a dongle.

And, registerd user can receive update program and 64bit beta.

I'ts perfect!

Reviewed By Wishoff [read all by] on 26th May 2011
Version reviewed: 1.0.71 on Windows
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Ok, you have all those samples from magazines, and you bought a few CDs with the best drum sounds ever made, but now you don't have enough money to get a decent drum machine. Well, don't cry baby, guess who's in town, i can give you ONE SMALL CLUE... yea, it's Poise of course.

I was searching for a cheap drum machine to make my day, i did not have alot of money, and tried alot of drum samplers from expensive ones to free ones. Now all the free ones have good features, but the expensive ones gave me blood on the teeth for more of all the goodies i was missing, and then i tried Poise.

The looks was kinda old school and i didn't expect anything, i was even close to not installing the demo because it looked like... something not fancy, but when i tried it, my jaws dropped and got a funny feeling of shame by my thoughts of the looks.

It is so easy to use, it is so just what you expect from a drum machine sampler, it has the fx you need for drums, it can do multiple layers of samples per pad, it can do pad individual envelopes in both pitch and amp, and it IS so pristine in the sound that you can smell crystals all around you.

It has a sound browser which is fast and easy, intuitive you might say, and it can of course play the samples as you finger around in the search for the right bass kick. And when you have the right kick, and feel it could use that little extra punch from the next kick in the line, you can add that to another pad, and link them together, so when you tab c2, you hear both pads triggering.

Yea, you can get another drum sampler with a "battery" of features, which of course some love, and it has all those samples bundled along with it, but all in all, Poise costs a fraction of that acid filled thing, so it gives you a pleasent opportunity to choose just the samples you want, instead of getting stuck with a ton of rock kits when you just wanna make the next Tiësto sound alike, or vice versa. (Poise is bundle with a cute little sample bank btw).

The features poise is missing is the ones alot scream about, but somehow never use, because its leaving you out of control. Poise is just sticking to you, standing behind you while you control the front. It gives you just the right arsenal of controls to win the war.

Oh yea, by the way, Poise does have some humanizing features, if you are into that.

The up to 16 stereo outputs makes it complete, it is complete, and the kinda sloppy looks mentioned earlier are justified by the downloadable themes, i use a lemon-flavored one, and i love the looks now.

The sum of all the buzz most be, "If you are looking for a drum sampler to make your music making flow, Poise is the perfect way to go"!
Reviewed By frankpain [read all by] on 26th December 2008
Version reviewed: 1.09 on Windows.
Last edited by frankpain on 2nd February 2012.
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I believe this device is the best emulation of the Akai MPC Drum sampler in VST format.

User Interface:
Its' based on the Akai MPC series, If MPC style programming is your cup of tea then you shouldn't have any problems figuring out the basic functions of Poise.

What does it sound like? Awesome !
Sounds like the real deal, the LP/HP Filters, distortion F/X, modulation, and amplitude/pitch enveloping are great tools to edit drums/samples.

These are my fav. features of this plug in:
16 Drum Pads.
8 Samples per Drum Pad.
Multiple Sample switching modes:
Round Robin.
Trigger All (for layering multiple samples).
Support for velocity splits.
Inbuilt sample browser with preview.
Drag and Drop sample loading.
2 - 16 stereo outputs.
Comprehensive Pad and Sample editing with:
Amplitude + Pitch Envelopes.
Volume + Balance + Pitch.
A user assignable FX module, and humanization.

The manual is handy when you want to look at the more advanced features of Poise

One Small Clue has free drums available on the forum, check them out!
Poise is also skinnable !

Customer Support:
I contacted customer support and received a response immediately.
Since I purchased Poise there have been numerous updates!

Value For Money:

Under 50 bucks, really ?

Order it now you won't be sorry!

This drum machine is rock solid

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Comments & Discussion for One Small Clue Poise Percussion Sampler

Discussion: Active


16 December 2020 at 11:26pm

Following a bedroomproducersblog article from June 30 2020, Poise is or should be free. But currently, the website of One small clue does not provide the correct download links (also not for grace).
However, on archive.org the snapshot from August 07, 2020 of the index page does provide the download: One Small Clue Page on Archive.org
Both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions, along with the sample content, are available there. The same goes for Grace.

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