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Reviewed By replicant X [read all by] on September 3rd, 2019
Version reviewed: 2.0.92 on Windows

The flavor of Juno, JP, Mini, MS, OB and etc.
ANA2 condense the essence of these greatest synthesizers and it even brings new sounds with 3D Wavetable and G-Env.

You can use it as a instant synthwave machine with those 80's vintage sounds but it can be a growl machine for dubstep.
And the FM section have charactor of TX81Z, so It's very suitable for bass sounds of house music or EBM.
And the Hyper saw is indistinguishable from Virus.

FX section have not only basic FXs, but also Ensamble, Tape simu, Multi Lim, Multi Comp, Sidekick, and etc.
And the preset browser is very easy to use with tags, ratings and a search function.

In addition, the CMD can be secret weapon if you know how to use it.

The specification is.

3 WaveTable OSCs - Including vintage analog waveforms and 3D morphable waveforms.

Each OSC have SubOSC, Phase / Morph, Sync, FM, Voices (up to 9 unison), Detune, Shape, Pan, Filter routing, Volume.

3 Sample OSCs - can load wave file with Drag and Drop.

2 Filters - 46 filter type including vintage analog emulations.

6 ENVs - 1 FilterENV, 1 Amp ENV, 4 Mod ENV. You can chose the charactor from very snappy ENV to more analog ENV.

3 G-ENVs - Graphical, sketchable ENV. It can be used as LFO and syncable to host BPM.

3 LFOs - It can be "one shot" like ENV, of corse syncable.

4 Macros Controls.

1 EQ.

FX - 5 slots, 24 FXs.

Mod Matrix - 16 Mod matrix slots, 16 Macro matrix slots.

ARP - Polyphonic Arpeggiator.

CMD - Chord Memory Device.

what more can i ask for?

Absolutely 5 Stars.

Reviewed By replicant X [read all by] on October 31st, 2013
Version reviewed: 1.4 on Windows

This synth looks like normal subtractive synthsizer. But it doesn't.

It has many option for synthesis, like FM, Subtractive, Waverables, Supersaws, Sampleplayback...etc.

And It has 4 layers. So you can layer FM Pad and Subtractive Pad and Wave-sequence in one patch.

That's incredible.

OK, it has many functions, but how about the sounds?

That's my main reason for choice VSTi.

The sounds... FM engine sounds like YAMAHA's DX series, its envelope is fast enough to create FM bass sound.

On Virtual Analog mode, oscillator is fat, and you can choise 18dB/Oct filters and its resonance can oscillate very smoothly like Roland's.

And the Wavetable synthesis sounds like PPG wave.

It seems the developer has huge love for synthsizer music!.

Adding above, you can make cutting edge bass sounds of dubstep or complextro.

Their official soundset ComplexDroids have one finger complextro patch.

4 layers, BPM syncable LFOs and many synthesis methods can do that .

The better you get to know synthsizer, the more you'll love Electra X.

I'm not review synthsizer usually, and not native English speaker so forgive my broken English.

I think this plugin is very underrated, the developer should have more attention.

That's why I wrote this.

I recommend ElectraX for everyone who love electronic sound..

Reviewed By replicant X [read all by] on August 15th, 2012
Version reviewed: 1.1.19 on Windows

One Small Clue's Poise is my favorite drum sampler.

It's very simple while having flexible usability.


I think one of most important function of drum sampler is sample audition.

At least it's very very important for me.

I think anyone can make good sound with bad sample.

Of course Poise have sample preview function and its access speed is very fast.

You don't need wait for the sampler to make index of all your hard drive or anoying fragile XML database.

And with single layer mode, you can stock 8 samples on one pad, so you can select witch one to use later.

This trick sacrifice multi layer function, but you can still layer two pads with Pad Link..

It's very flexible.

Sound Quality

Poise have two mode, Standard (Linear Interpolation) and High Quality (Sinc Interpolation).

I always use High Quality mode and it's very clear so I don't feel any unwanted coloring sound.

Embed Samples In Project File

This function! This function is very usable. Why so many Plugin haven't this function?

Perhaps not all host handle it, but with FL Studio it works fine.


Only 16 pads and not having chop function nor loop adjusting.

But It's not problem.

It's made for drum samples like MPC and is perfect for its aim.

In addition, you can link your Poise to multiple sample editors.

If you want more pads, insert more Poise.

Price and Protection

I got it with $49. It's cheap as an ogre.

Always no brainer.

And they don't use dongle nor C/R.

You don't need to afraid of one small developper having closed their site nor breaking a dongle.

And, registerd user can receive update program and 64bit beta.

I'ts perfect!