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User Reviews by KVR Members for samplv1

Reviewed By danboid [read all by] on June 18th, 2012
Version reviewed: Debian on Linux

At last!

Everyone interested in creating electronic music under Linux should raise a few cheers and give thanks to RNCBC for creating this fantastic, loooooooong overdue plugin! Considering MIDI is entering its fourth decade, some of the long-standing Linux DAWs are over a decade old and there are at least a dozen DAW's for the Linux platform, its amazing to me that it took up until 2012 for Linux to gain a native sampler plugin that:

1 - Is easy to use

2 - Works as a (LV2) plugin

3 - Doesn't convert and store its sample data as inefficient text which is often 3/4 times the size of the original uncompressed wav, as is the case with Highlife

I suppose its a good a sign as any that free and open source music production tools are finally coming of age in 2012!

Before samplv1 arrived, Highlife was the only choice of a user-friendly, LV2 (or Linux VST) sampler. Apart from samplv1 using common audio files and not converting the sample data in to text as already mentioned, it also has the advantages of loading much faster (and hence I'd expect it uses less memory but I've not checked yet), you can automate its FX, its 100% native to Linux and its being actively maintained - none of which I can say about the open source HighLife.

No, samplv1 won't open your Kontakt libraries and nor do I expect it ever will. Those of you wanting to use SFZ's, gigasampler or with more heavy duty sample playback requirements will likely be best off sticking with Linuxsampler, qsampler etc. but I'm sure there will be plenty of use cases where samplv1 is going to be more than good enough for the job and it compliments Rui's many other excellent Linux audio apps perfectly.

Legendary work again Rui!


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