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SpectraLayers Pro 10

Spectral Mixing Environment Plugin by Steinberg
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SpectraLayers Pro SpectraLayers Pro SpectraLayers Pro SpectraLayers Pro SpectraLayers Pro
SpectraLayers Pro 10 by Steinberg is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin and a Software Application for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST 3 Plugin, an AAX Plugin and a Standalone Application.
Windows 10 Version 21H1 / 64-bit
Windows 11 Version 21H2 (or higher)
Ventura / Monterey / Big Sur
Stand-Alone Utility / Application
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The vanguard of spectral editing and repair.

SpectraLayers delivers audio empowerment by showing sounds as visual objects. You can explore, reach in, take and transform, working wonders on tasks ranging from repairing and restoring audio to freeform sound design. Unmatched selection tools developed over many years are now joined by new artificial intelligence-driven audio extraction and repair processes, making this the most significant version of SpectraLayers yet:

  • The vanguard of spectral editing applications.
  • Touch, sculpt, and shape audio on a spectral graph.
  • Automatic, artificial intelligence-driven processes.
  • From repair and restoration to freeform music creation.

Artificial Intelligence. Sensory Integration.

Looking at audio on a spectrograph display is one thing, but the ability to easily touch, sculpt and shape what you see is what sets SpectraLayers apart. And now you have a skilled, highly trained AI partner that can sense patterns, perform operations and speed you on your way to perfect audio.

A foundation for AI-enhanced processing

The manual selection tools in SpectraLayers allow everything from broad brush editing to microscopic intervention. AI-assisted processes bring even more speed and precision, making the SpectraLayers tool set and layers-based workflow more powerful and flexible than ever.

From pure science to free improvisation

Use AI speed and precision to split a sample into layers and create freeform mixes. Automatically unmix tracks into stems, and stems into component parts. Quickly identify, isolate, and work on the tone, transients and noise signatures of extracted instruments. Do you make experimental music? Get granular and mold sound with surgical precision in SpectraLayers. It's a freeform music creation tool... a genuine musical instrument.

Repair and restore

Find and erase errors and unwanted sounds, reduce noise, repair clips, remove clicks, tame transients and much more — manually or automatically — with the new AI-assisted processes in SpectraLayers. Work with speed and precision, and enjoy the satisfaction as you routinely salvage tracks and perform audio enhancements in ways you never thought possible.

SpectraLayers has been essential as a precise instrument in sculpting some complex but organic fantasy sounds. It can generate unique aural impressions by reconstructing sounds through very hard edged bands into a mosaic. Being able to hear individual layers or combinations and easily export all the components as well as a composite is a great workflow. I've been having a lot of fun with the program.


Using SpectraLayers, everything was made to sound fantastic on two different album projects I was involved with.


The ARA era

Today's audio production platforms need to work in both the waveform and spectral domains. What engineers want is serious application power, coupled with the flexibility to deliver the best in creative options, accessibility and workflow. Thanks to advanced ARA 2 technology, which is designed to build bridges between audio editing applications, SpectraLayers can be launched inside Nuendo, Cubase and a host of applications from other developers to provide comprehensive, non-destructive visual editing right on the DAW timeline.

Audio refabrication

Use high-precision tools to make super-detailed audio selections on the spectral display. Extract this material to independent layers for processing, in SpectraLayers or anywhere in the DAW ecosystem. Mix and render, or keep your edits preserved on the DAW timeline. With ARA 2 support, you can launch SpectraLayers directly into the Cubase/Nuendo waveform display window for the ultimate in real-time program integration.

Your personal pathway

SpectraLayers delivers AI-assisted spectral editing capabilities and seamless DAW integration. The entry-level Elements edition can perform precise error correction and includes automatic noise and hum reduction processes, as well as selected AI-assisted processes including vocal unmixing. The Pro edition features more comprehensive tools, along with the most sophisticated AI implementation. Now with second-generation AI and enhanced ARA 2 support, SpectraLayers is a standalone powerhouse and a superb extension for Cubase and Nuendo, bringing SpectraLayers magic directly into the DAW timeline.

Unmix Your World

Unmixing in SpectraLayers 10 has been radically restructured and expanded. Capture more instruments, including guitar tracks and drum hits. Unmix multiple voices into their own independent layers, unmix multichannel content, selected time ranges and employ a variety of new processes tailored to your unmixing objectives.

Song Unmixing

The stem unmixing process now adds guitar, for a total of six generated layers. New controls allow you to perform the unmixing process in various ways to best suit your source material.

Unmix Drums

After unmixing a track into six stems, you can now apply a dedicated unmix process to the drums layer alone, to acquire clean kick, snare and cymbals layers.

Unmix Multichannel Content

Select a small portion of a specific sound, engage Unmix Multichannel Content to analyze its relative power across multiple channels and then extract the entire sound evenly across them all.

Other Improvements

Every AI-assisted process has been updated. Achieve better-sounding results when unmixing music and sound, and also when making corrections using the Reverb Reduction and Voice Denoiser processes.

Speech Processing and Refinement

Post-production specialists will be pleased with the new approaches we've taken to speech recognition and processing. New features and re-energized legacy features come together here on a platform with immense power for shaping dialog. ARA integration with Nuendo and Cubase seals the deal.

Unmix Multiple Voices

Use Unmix Multiple Voices to extract two or more voices to their own independent layers. A discrimination control is provided to help optimize the process for given sources.

Unmix Noisy Speech

Separate speech from background noise with a new AI-assisted process specifically trained on human speech. Every noise reduction algorithm in SpectraLayers 10 has been upgraded.


Speech layers can now be transcribed into nine different languages, with words, phrases, and sentences conveniently listed and visible on the timeline for easy selection and editing.

Reverb Match Process

Reverb Match now partners with Ambience Match, EQ Match and the improved Reverb Reduction process to provide a new level of ambient space control.

More Processes, More Control

On top of the redesigned core and vastly evolved AI potential, we've added a host of new features for enhanced control. Classify sounds by type, identify competing sounds, set spectral thresholds, normalize at the layer level and take advantage of many other new features for a truly enhanced editing experience.

Logical Layer Colors

As well as new options to create more automatically generated layers, there are new ways to stay organized. This improvement helps ensure that your layers will default to alternating colors.

Improved Value Sliders

Another small workflow improvement is that we've improved the feel of every slider in the application, to help you get to the settings you need as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

Preview and Apply Keyboard Shortcuts

These new shortcuts help you to take advantage of more options for getting things done in SpectraLayers in ways that best suit your workflow.

Time Insert / Cropping

New insert and cropping options allow you to use these operations on a per-layer basis, as opposed to making changes across all layers of a project.

Contextual Cut/Copy/Paste

Yet another way to keep your eyes on the prize: perform cut/copy/paste operations by simply right-clicking over your selection and accessing this new menu.

Improved Online Help

Every tool and process now links directly to its user guide page. Learn as you explore the program and enhance your understanding as you work.

Multiple VST3 Plug-in Support

Now you can chain multiple plug-ins in the VST3 effects process. In conjunction with the new selection-based processing, this provides greatly expanded and more precisely-targeted plug-in processing options.

View Multiple Processes At-Once

Expanding on the Dynamic Spectral Processing functionality, now you can have multiple process dialogs open at once. Toggle between them to evaluate the differences between selected processes.

Import Multiple Audio Files At-Once

Launch a new SpectraLayers project or add layers to an existing project quickly by importing multiple audio files at once. Each will appear on its own independent layer.

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SpectraLayers Pro 10

Reviewed By Johnebuckle100 [all]
November 22nd, 2023
Version reviewed: 10.0 on Windows

Amazing product. Everything I was expecting and much more. There are so many applications for this from disecting and analyzing tracks to effecting minor and major repairs. It take a lot of the fear out of tracking when you know that the perfect take even if marred by something unexpected and unwanted can be seamlessly fixed.

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