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String Ensemble FX Plugin by Sound Magic
No Longer Available

Comments & Discussion for Sound Magic StringQ

Discussion: Active
27 November 2013 at 7:39pm

Why to do simple when one can do as complicated as possible ? The ONLY place to download this effect is here :

And originally it is an effect done to be used with Orchestral Strings One... and this effect StringQ is mixed with the most confused way in the depth of the successive releases of Orchestral Strings One (which, by the way, are not available on the website of the developper but ONLY in the download pages of the KVR database !).

Pfff... Why to do simple when one can do very as complicated as possible .

It is very pity to do so complicated to provide a so beautiful instrument and an effect .


So the complete procedure is:

  1. You download and install Orchestral String One. it is simply here:
  2. THEN AFTER you install the update 1.4 which is here:
    (because you MUST install the first version above before to install the update because the update doesn't contain all the files).
  3. THEN AFTER you can install the effect StringQ which is here:
    and the chorus which is here:
    and the extra banks which are:

Is it so complicated to do SIMPLER ??? Why ? Why is it necessary to go to the developer website which doesn't provide any download URL but redirects to a very confused page in KVR, a very confused page showing a big list of download topics where half are obsolete and where all is blended, the original version (which is REQUIRED to install the updates, why ?), all the successive updates even the obsolete ones, the effects, all that mixed in the middle of the extra presets made by the users.

Why make simple ?..

Pfff... it is a so beautiful instrument ! With a very bad distribution method .

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