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Bass XBass
by Sound Magic
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Latest reviews of Sound Magic products

Sienna Bass

Reviewed By Gabriel_West [all]
April 24th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Useful Bass VST Guitar with a clean and warm sound that sits acceptable well in the mix!!!!!!.

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Strings One

Reviewed By Soundman7449812 [all]
April 15th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Would it be too hard to write 'Free With Subscription' ?

Would it be too hard to write 'Free With Subscription' ?

Would it be too hard to write 'Free With Subscription' ?

Would it be too hard to write 'Free With Subscription' ?

Would it be too hard to write 'Free With Subscription' ?

Would it be too hard to write 'Free With Subscription' ?

Would it be too hard to write 'Free With Subscription' ?

Would it be too hard to write 'Free With Subscription' ?

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Drum One

Reviewed By Starship Krupa [all]
March 12th, 2022
Version reviewed: .80 on Windows

I realize that this is pitched as "beta" software, however, "beta" usually means that all the features are in place but they need a wider testing base before shipping. To quote Wikipedia on the subject, "A beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs."

I'd call this somewhere between "mockup" and "alpha." And for anyone who thinks I'm quibbling about something that I got for "free," well, my time to download it, figure out the password(!) for the .ZIP file and install it, set up a drum map in my DAW so that I can play some MIDI tracks through it is a price I wouldn't have paid if they rightly advertised this as an alpha release. I'm often happy to try a beta release if it's something I might be able to use, but I'm not interested in alpha releases with missing features.

Most of the controls don't do anything when clicked on, the manual doesn't match the labeling of the UI, and the most interesting feature, "the latest modeling technology" seems to be nowhere to be found, unless they consider samples in .SF2 format to be that. For anyone who expects anything from this but a static sample player with one sound for each drum, replete with a needlessly non-standard drum map, is going to be disappointed.

Their site pitches it as something that's supposed to make you want to buy their payware products, but sorry, quite the opposite. A company that doesn't know the difference between an alpha release and a beta release may also not know the difference between a beta release and a final release.

One star because it actually does produce drum sounds, with some effort. If you're curious as to what they want this to look like when released, it's better to just examine the picture here than it is to download and install the whole thing.

My advice to the company: either pull this completely or properly label it as an alpha release or mockup. It's not going to win you any new customers.

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Drum One

Reviewed By bensonkvr [all]
March 11th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Mac

This plugin is a rompler which contains 16 soundfont audio files with a total size of 84 MB. I can't find any "latest modelling technology".

Crashed validation with Logic 10.5.1 on mac.

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Piano One

Reviewed By QuadrupleA [all]
November 3rd, 2013
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

Gotta say, I wasn't that impressed with this one. Of course it's free, so the value for the price is excellent. Kudos to Sound Magic for giving it away, and I hope it's brought some customers to their full products. But - I find the sound quality pretty strange - so I'll talk about it from that standpoint.

Like others have said, the release sound is unrealistic - there's an optional "REL VOL" setting that actually plays a different sample upon release of a note, a sort of higher pitch flutey squeak, which when you boost it to the point that it's audible sounds really strange to me. When I first heard the plugin I thought something was wrong with my system. If you turn that off by setting reduce "REL VOL" to 0, the notes still sound strange when they end - the volume cuts off very abruptly. You can set "RELEASE" to be longer, which controls the volume envelope, but you lose expression and control of when the notes stop - and still it tapers off unrealistically. Even when you don't release the keys, the notes don't sustain very long - e.g. if you play a chord and hold it, after about 6 seconds the notes will all abruptly end at different times. It's like the volume envelope just abruptly jumps to zero once it's below a certain threshold.

Aside from that, the actual sustained body of the notes sound warbly - it's not a smooth note, there's some pulsation and a bit of a bubbling effect, maybe from compression in the samples, or noise reduction on the original recordings - not sure.

So overall, when it's dry, the sound comes off really strange to me. You can bury that in reverb to cover it up, but to me that's just sort of sweeping the sonic problems under the rug.

Aside from sound quality, the UI is a little plain. I had a lot of bugs and display glitches with the 64-bit version. The 32-bit one functioned correctly though (this was using FL Studio 10).

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Piano One

Reviewed By Sendy [all]
January 20th, 2013
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows

This plugin is the "Zebralette" of the piano market. When companies produce these cut down freebie versions of their products we all win. The company gets goodwill and familiarity with it's products, and we get free stuff!

I've been using Piano One for all my practicing, improv and composition needs for the best part of a year, and the sound is on the whole very satisfying. Now, you can practice and do bare-bones composition on polysynth sounds, but for some reason, you just can't beat the experience of sitting at a piano when it comes to teasing ideas out of your subconscious.

This piano is even good enough to be used on professional tracks semi-naked, with one caveat - the release - as has been pointed out in the other review, is pretty unrealistic. You can fix it a bit by dragging up the release slider, giving a more realistic release length, but the *shape* is still wrong. Mostly you can fix this with reverb (using the reverb that comes in the plugin or an external one), but still, it's the fly in the ointment of an otherwise near-perfect freebie, and the reason I'm giving 9 instead of 10.

The look of the plugin is pretty janky, but the interface has some good controls (velocity curves for example, very useful for extracting different piano styles from your playing). Their paid plugins have much nicer atmospheres to them and it seems fair that they'd cut back on this a bit in the free version.

I'll definitely be checking out their other piano products with the hopes of buying them if they can build on the quality of this one.

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Piano One

Reviewed By sorohanro [all]
February 26th, 2012
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

One of the best free pianos around, probably better than many commercial piano plugins or sample libraries.

Sound - it has an excellent open and clear sound. Many modeled pianos miss a certain "brilliance" of the sound as well as some sampled pianos (probably recorded with darker microphones). This one sound like a real good piano, how you would hear it from near (while playing on a real piano).

Interface - a simple interface with very self explanatory controls. You can tweak the sound, add some impulse based reverb, open/ close the lid, control dynamic response (velocity curve), etc...

CPU and RAM usage - as mentioned by developer, low usage of both. Can run on slower or older computers without chocking your projects.

On the downside:

- the release is a little unrealistic and can be a turn off for people who are used to play real pianos. You can fix it a little with the release slider, but not make it good. In a project you can hide the problem by using the sustain pedal. Still, if you care more about the sound than response, this is the free piano you'll ever need.

- interface could use a more inspiring design/ colors/ better knobs and sliders graphics.

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Imperial Grand

Reviewed By TB4C [all]
June 17th, 2011
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows

Sound Magic Imperial Grand Review

I am a Piano Music teacher and am extremely fussy when it comes to all piano's, not only Virtual ones and I could not wait to put the Imperial Grand to the test and through its paces... well within 20 minutes I was sold out and forgot that I was playing on a "Virtual Grand"

My first impression of Sound Magic Imperial Grand is that it is very expressive, rich, realistic sonically, responsive and I immediately enjoyed the dark rich tones of this Piano. The bass response of this piano is also modeled correctly and is not "muddy".

After 5 weeks of playing, testing and testing and testing I found this Grand Piano to be stable reliable and definitely my "go to" piano. I teach and play on different Upright and Grand Pianos and I do own the Native Instruments Acoustic Piano set, True Piano's Amber set supplied with my Sonar 8.5 Producer, and I have Grand Pianos on my Yamaha Motif Es so this baby was up against stiff competition!!!

My testing system is a Duel core Intel 3mhz, 4gb ram, Windows Xp, Sonar 8.5 producer

When I compose on a piano and the sound is not right I lose my creative flow immediately, but with this Grand I played for hours and hours and thoroughly enjoyed it! Some sound examples will follow soon!

The Unique Artificial Assistant Intelligence Tool was very interesting to work with and I found it to be very easy and intuitive to understand and I had my personal Piano setting done in 5 Minutes. The manual is well written and easy to follow and understand.

The Revolutionary HD Velocity Layers is a specialized technique to capture every nuances of expressive playing and I can truly say that it caught every single detail of my playing with perfect accuracy, which to me is the most important aspect of any piano even Acoustic ones.

The GUI was a pleasure to work with as it is clearly defined and has explanatory notes that explains what the purpose and functionality is of every dial and setting. To set the piano was also easy and quick for me as I am very particular over the sound that I prefer when I play. The dials worked smoothly without any glitches or quirks.

What was a big plus factor was the reverb settings, which I found to be very effective and realistic sounding!

Overall Comments:

This is a beautifully Hybrid modeled - Sampled based Virtual Grand Piano, compared to other Virtual Pianos it has a tiny installation footprint. It was easy to setup and clearly documented. I had found my preferred sound settings with 5 minutes and it is stable and reliable, It was compared to my other Virtual Grand Piano's but I found myself always going back to the Imperial Grand for it's rich, dark, expressive tones and I can honestly say that.... I love it!!!!

It is also much, much more worth than it's selling price of €99!

I can highly recommend it!!!

Regards, Winston Hulley aka TB4C
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