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Synth Bundle Plugin by IK Multimedia

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3 July 2022 at 6:11pm

While I was not impressed with Syntronik 1 because there is little control on wave form, and the filter cannot follow the keyboard, Syntronik 2 add these features and it's now more fun to create sounds. The samples are good, there is no loop fault (unlike Arturia CMI-V for example). Sometimes some notes are strange comparing to the others but it's rare. The ability to mix four waves in a patch allows to create rich textures but using a single wave can also creates nice sounds. Add to this a modulation matrix and a "workstation" mode where four patches can be combined on the keyboard.

I purchased it for 42€ in the last promo and get all synths. It was quite a good bargain. On the cons side, the amount of disk space used is huge and the fact that the waves browser is limited to the current synth althought several synth patches can be combined. The Syntronik 1 patches cannot be edited with the Syntronik 2. I'm wondering why these have not been converted. So the waves (all ?) are available in the Syntronik 2 editor by selecting a Syntronik 2 preset.

Of course the problem with all these synths is to choose one to make a sound since analog synths sound very similar. This is becoming a challenging task. The favorite flag on preset can help a lot.

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