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T-Force Alpha Plus 2

Synthesizer Plugin by Mastrcode Music
T-Force Alpha Plus 2
T-Force Alpha Plus 2 T-Force Alpha Plus 2 T-Force Alpha Plus 2 T-Force Alpha Plus 2 T-Force Alpha Plus 2 T-Force Alpha Plus 2
T-Force Alpha Plus 2 by Mastrcode Music is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin and a VST 3 Plugin.
System Requirements
Only compatible with Windows 64-bit
You need a DAW which is compatible to 64-bit VST2 and 64-bit VST3 plugins
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Mastrcode Music has released T-Force Alpha Plus 2 - VSTi for Windows.

With all the features of the old Alpha Plus and plus new enhanced features:

New graphical user interface:
now you can change every single panel's background color individually in realtime while you have open the plugin inside your DAW.

Main Panel:
now i swapped the filter, filter envelope and also the amp envelope to the main panel instead of the modulations panel for better workflow. The distortion module now is in the effects panel.

New oscillator features:
Drift Mode: every single oscillator now has a "drift" mode. You can add a slight adjustable phase and/or pitch drift to simulate the voltage inaccuracies of a vintage analog synth.

Better envelopes:
Envelope curves for attack, decay and release now can be adjusted from linear to exponential.

New filter with up to 14 different filter types.

New designed LFO's:
the LFO's now can be switched to bipolar/unipolar
the start/triggering of the LFO's now can be delayed
the LFO's now have an attack mode for the LFO amount to let the modulation "fade in"

Enhanced Trance Gate:
new UI for better worflow
the gate sequencer now has 3 retrigger modes:
Host mode: the sequencer will be synced with the DAW's sequencer bars
1st Note: the gate sequencer will be triggered by the first played note (e.g. when playing chords).
All Notes: the gate sequencer will be triggered by every new pressed note.

Effects section:
new phaser effect added
new enhanced distortion/saturation effect
new bitcrusher model
completely new designed reverb effect
completely new designed delay effect.

Polyphony settings:
the overall polyphony can be changed manually by the user:
up to 1 - 128 voices
up to 0 -128 additional reseve voices (to have reserve voices for long env releases before they will be cut by new new played notes)
voice stealing modes:
hard steal, soft steal or overlap mode.

64-bit VST2 and VST3 only for the moment. 32-bit version will come a bit later.

Price: Free.

Made with SynthEdit

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 3.00 from 1 review

T-Force Alpha Plus 2
Reviewed By Kwurqx
May 3, 2019

Just had a quick look. Nice update. Simple and quick workflow. Enough versatility (more then many free alternatives)..

Sine, Ramp (Saw), Saw (Inverted Saw), Triangle and Pulse oscillators. Saw and Inverted Saw sound quite different. Therefore they both have their own spectrum and uses. Still usefull to mix both for some PWM effects though. And it has FM options.

Huge (configurable) polyphony. It has Unison on all 3 (synced or free running) oscillators with Detune, Spread and Pan (and Volume).. PWM and Phase control. Some different (A, D, R) envelope curves.(with envelope invert option).. Portamento (mono only). Seperate Noise (with HP + LP) oscillator..

Diode, Ladder (A, B, C), Sallen Key (Korg) and State Variable filters with various slopes. I would have liked 12 dB/Oct for all.filtertypes (SVF LP12/HP12/BP12 only)..There's just a single filter in the audiopath..So, no serial/parallel options..

It has a nice trance gate (gate patterns) and effects: Phaser, Distorion, Delay, Bit Crusher and Reverb.

Easily generates great basses, plucks, strings, pads and more. Again: a nice update. Considering it's free, you can't go wrong with this one.

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Comments & Discussion for Mastrcode Music T-Force Alpha Plus 2

Discussion: Active
4 May 2019 at 5:43pm

Needs more presets.

11 August 2019 at 8:03pm

There are more presets after the OSC 125, yet :).

Take it or Break it.


24 May 2020 at 5:21am

Seemingly presets were not made with the current version ?

Importing to v1.0.1 causes malfunction. With the factory presets everything works fine.

The factory "Philthy Presets" contain some patches featuring the self-oscillating filter. It does, what it says, so be prepared for some never-ending sounds ...

24 May 2019 at 9:01am

Where can I find xmlBanks and presets for this VST synth.

18 July 2019 at 5:35am

I can't find the presets either.

9 June 2019 at 2:52am

Yes not a bad synth anyone know where to get some *.vstpresets for it.



3 July 2019 at 10:41am


Alpha Plus 2 has been chosen for the KVR One-Synth Challenge for July 2019.

Hopefully this will produce loads of new patches, and a variety of tracks all made using only this synth for all sounds - including percussion.

8 July 2019 at 9:28pm

I'd like to ask respectfully not to abandon the 32-bit Version. I know, you wrote that "it comes a bit later". But I saw that you are already working on another synth. It looks great, by the way.

8 July 2019 at 10:32pm

Don't worry. I'm working on 3 projects simultanously. So it takes a bit more time, but the 32-bit version is still planned.

3 September 2019 at 3:19pm

I also like 32-bit's reliability. Thanks for your hard work.

22 July 2019 at 3:06am

frustrating its Win only.

Was looking forward to trying an entry alas, windows is not going on my Mac x.

3 September 2019 at 3:13pm

Thankyou very much for these useful presets and to the synth's author for creating a free, useful resource. I like to give synths a chance and I get a kick out of making music with them. Thanks to everyone who makes such a big deal about this stuff.

-le attol.



17 January 2020 at 6:15pm

Nice synth in general. But I think it needs a little bit more of stability.

How do I know which version I have?

Also it doesn't load presets from Cubase's default preset window (load preset) despite there are presets list. It is a little but frustrating - you see the list, pick preset, but plugin doesn't load it. You ought to use plugin's built in preset manager. Can I mix xml and vstpreset files? In c:\Users\admin\Documents\VST3 Presets\Mastrcode Music\T-Force Alpha Plus 2 folder?

The Spaceman
The Spaceman
6 September 2020 at 12:37pm

To get version at least on 1.0.2 you right click on VST title and click "about..." in your DAW. Works on my copy, but only have the one preset "Acid Sequence". Do like to work from existing ones to learn easier, but will see. Good luck.

5 March 2020 at 10:47am

Hi! I have been searching on google but could not find any reference to presets not showing but here. Could anybody solve this?

When I click on "Presets" button nothing happens and if I try to load a preset with the "Menu" button, presets aren't on the proper format (the ones I have on the directory where VST3 is are ".sem" files). So I can not load them. But It may also be that those files aren't the presets itselves. What am I doing wrong?

The Spaceman
The Spaceman
6 September 2020 at 1:57pm

Have found no other presets yet, am looking, just installed this VST. Seems the *.SEM file extensions are associated with SynthEdit.exe most likely, as Alpha Software is not that likely which also can use .SEM extensions, but does seem to be associated with business app development. So my best guess is SynthEdit, but these should not be presets, would leave them alone.

Have same issue in ver. 1.0.2 with "Preset" button, did read text files in apps directory but still no luck. I see only one preset, but is sound great, perhaps a default in dll or elsewhere. If you see any usable presets, please post here. Maybe given time developer, Mastrcode, could enlighten us.


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