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T-RackS One

Mastering Processor Plugin by IK Multimedia

T-RackS One has an average user rating of 3.00 from 2 reviews

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T-RackS One

Reviewed By iKalamaZoo [all]
August 17th, 2020
Version reviewed: 5.4.0 on Mac

Firstly: We can't manager DEauthorize process of single products like T-Racks One or Amplitude SVX or Metal. They are single modules. I installed T-RACKS 5 One module in my machine, so I have 9 authorisations left in my T-Racks 5 One page, then I clicked in DEauthorize button in Product Manager but it let me ONLY DEauthorize T-racks 5 CS, not the T-RACKS 5 One. So, T-Racks One keep with 9 authorizations left. When I click in IK Product Manager the program let me DEauthorize the T-RACKS 5 Custom Shop ONLY and NOT my T-Racks 5 One, you cannot recover that! 1 authorization WASTED!

Secondly: The same occurs with my Amplitude 4. I clicked in DEauthrorize my Amplitude 4 but my Amplitude 4 Metal (Single Module) and SVX (Single Module) are NOT DEauthorized because they are single modules. So, even if you DEauthorize a product, you CAN'T REALLY DEauthorize a single module like T-Racks 5 One or Amplitube SVX like me. It means that you will WASTE authorizations of your single modules.

I would like to be able to DEAauthorize PAST authorizations as well.

Thridly: In addition, there are a lot of problems syncing the software you own, for example, you can DEauthorize T-Racks, Amplitube or Sample Tank CS, but you CAN'T DEauthorize a separate module from these products, like T-Racks One, Amplitube Metal or Amplitube SVX. The app does not sync with your account and your authorizations remain wasted. So, if you have 4 authorizations for Amplitube Metal or 3 for Amplitube SVX, for example, you CAN'T DEauthorize these 4 or 3 authorizations. You only can DEauthorize the Custom Shop or a single product like Miro2 CE or Full Edition in a machine you have Product Manager installed.

Lastly: If you are wondering buy any sample from IK, then CAUTION, you only can download the SOUNDS within 180 days period. So, are you really the owner or you are just renting this product? Passed this 180 days period you have to contact IK Team to HAVE PERMISSION to download a thing YOU HAVE BOUGHT by paying additional U$10 dollars or Euros.

Buying IK products is more like a lease/rent of this product, you can't feel that you're really the OWNER. There is always a "trick" (like auhtorization limit) or whatever to make you contact IK Team in future to ask about more authorizations if you need...

I'm slowly migrating to another enterprise who offer me a more easy authorization process and manager or can offer me a service less burocratical... Lucklly, I own only T-Racks One and Miro2 CE, I'm looking to sell them in order to recover my money and invest in another enterprise.

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