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Toxic Biohazard

Synth (FM) Plugin by Image Line

Toxic Biohazard has an average user rating of 4.67 from 3 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Toxic Biohazard

Reviewed By DavidRadi2 [read all by] on December 18th, 2008
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows.
Last edited by DavidRadi2 on 18th December 2008.
Well I fell in love with FM synths some time ago for their great clean bellish sounds, clean basses and all the digital type sounds. I own allmost all commercial FM synths worth owning and the 2 I´m missing are still known to me a lot as my mate uses them - and when we´re working together I get to use them a lot too. So when somebody asks me which FM synth I like most, from the moment I bought Toxic Biohazard, the answer is the same: Toxic Biohazard

The thing that gets me is...well to be true thinking of it, there are so many things that get me here: Sound, ease of use and sound design, the interface, and again the sound as that is the thing worth every penny of the price and the thing making it stand out. Perhaps it´s because it´s as IL writes FM/Subtractive hybrid, maybe because of the new engine, anyway it´s crystal clean, the basses are just wonderful and I enjoy it most of all as a source of gritty-hard-electronic sounds which are able to cut your .... off! I´d have to give it at least 11 here!

As for the GUI, it´s one of the best and it fits the synth. That´s 10 as the black/green/silver combination is hypnotizing.

Feature wise, it´s 6 operator synth with the classical FM matrix, there is also nice feature as you can import your wave samples in it, effects are great too - I add almost every time the Phaser and EQ to get really biting sound out of it, and the sequencer is quick to program too. I won´t name everything Toxic offers as you can find that in the info and there is no need to rewrite it again. Anyway I´d give it 10 here, not because it has all the functions that it could have, but because it has all that I ever needed to make all the sounds I was after and I just never felt missing something.

The presets are great too, ToTc has done a great job as most of the sounds should be usefull to users that are not used to design their own and there are many of them too. I think over 500 of them. Anyway it´s really easy to make your own sounds or just to edit the other patches. ToTc deserves full points here!

As for the stability, never failed and I think never will. Some Image-Line plugins have problems with the GUIs in some hosts like Sonar, Reaper, Savihost, but Toxic is thanks god not one of them. I think they have this problem with VSTs that have windows with envelopes etc. like Ogun, Sytrus, Edison...so 10 again!

About the customer service - I promised myself that from now on company not allowing license transfers won´t get more then 5 points from me, because this is really important for me now as I would like to be able to trade plugin if I don´t like it. So IL will get only 5 points here as they are one of the companies and I take this as bad customer support. Änd I think it´s bad for the companies too as I would have bought more from them, but because of this I didn´t and started buying from companies that are more friendly here.

So to finish the review: Value for money is great, costs 99 usd and you get also Toxic III, which is a nice bonus. I was lucky to get even Ogun and all those three for about 60, so that deal was unbeatable even without being able to resell, as I will get over the 60 / it´s not like when you buy Sonar for 800 / and anyway Toxic is the last plugin I would sell as I really love it! Yes I would give them 11 here for the extras too!
Reviewed By 11011011 [read all by] on July 29th, 2008
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Mac
Very good synth, absolutely worth adding to your stable. Toxic Biohazard is absolutely perfect out of the box for dance, ambient, house and trance tracks. It stretches nicely to suit other styles, and is very easy to program and experiment with.

Since I moved to Mac/Live, I've been missing a strong FM sound in my palette. Toxic was a breath of fresh air. I had played around with Toxic II and III, and when I finally mulled it over and was ready to buy, this plugin had taken its place.

I was put off at first, because the presets I'd fell in love with on Toxic III seemed mostly absent. I found a forum post saying that the older presets were compatible with Toxic Biohazard, so I gave in and got it (and yes, the presets from the older version worked perfectly).

Also, there are a ton of presets you get when you buy which aren't in the demo. I had a little trouble downloading the preset packs, but I got quick and excellent support from the forums and also from the developer. Good show there.

The sound is crisp and clean in the mid to high end, and is capable of some nice warmth on the low end. Some of the sounds are extremely rich and often stunning. For all its sonic power, it sits nicely in the mix.

Another area it stands out is the pattern sequencer. It's easy to setup, has 64 steps, and you can copy your pattern to other patches (handy). The import doesn't seem to work with random midi files, and I wish it did. But I can see there would be some big technical snags with that, so I'm not sweating it.

The AU version seems to suffer from some minor issues with Live 6, and the developer responded immediately that they're looking into it. I switched to the VST, and have had zero problems. Again, good support there.

Go get this synth, it's amazing.
Reviewed By DJ Flexstyle [read all by] on April 15th, 2008
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
Well first off, I'd bought Toxic III on sale for $49 a while back, and I loved it to bits. Great for leads, basses, PADS (the best synth I've come across yet!), atmospheres, you name it. Whatever you want, it does it!

That's great Flex, what about Biohazard? Well, it does it even better than its ancestor. Has about a million (ok not that many) more presets than III, and all of them are extremely usable. All I have to do is load up a preset, tweak its filters or something just a bit, and voila! Instant awesomeness.

The sound is lovely. One of the weak points of Toxic III was that its bass was just not quite there sometimes. In Biohazard, this has turned into one of its strong points! It truly is a workhorse synth, capable of any sound you want. Oh and the eternal question..."does it sound like a Virus?" Yes, actually, there's an excellent preset by ToTc Productions that really does sound like a Virus. In my not-super-educated opinion anyway.

Oh and did I mention the GUI? Toxic III was a GREAT introduction to FM synthesis for me, being one of my first synths ever anyways. Toxic Biohazard is actually even easier to use, in my opinion. Now I know how, exactly, FM Synthesis works and it's made life so much easier when working with other FM synths.

Oh, and the addition of the native FL Studio version is a kicker--it allows me to do all the fancy sliding and event editing I want! Stability has never been a problem, Toxic is a rock-solid synth in my VSTi and FLi versions.

Documentation? Honestly I haven't looked at it ever, I haven't needed to!

I haven't used customer support, but the fact that I got Biohazard as a free upgrade to Toxic III speaks volumes for Image-Line.

All this to say that I'm totally in love with this synth, even though I've had it for a while. Its ancestor was amazing and Biohazard is astonishing. Well done, Image-Line and Maxx Claster!

User Reviews of older versions

Reviewed By SoundSculptor [read all by] on September 5th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by SoundSculptor on 5th September 2005.
I own Rhino and have demoed Sytrus, Blue and FM7 - all fine synths, but I am attracted to Toxic for two main reasons:

1. The layout. Having EVERYTHING one on page makes it v-e-r-y easy to edit and see what makes up the patch. It becomes much more accessable rather than to be spread out over many pages. The look is clean, easy-to-read and, with the exception of a few minor quibbles, makes "sense".

2. The sound. Of course that is what it all comes down to, but with some more complicated synths, I get a headache tweaking thousands of parameters long before I get to the sound. Toxic is lush and full and quite "playable". While it can be coerced to do weirdness, it seems best suited as a performance instrument though it lacks aftertouch. Pads, organs, rhodes, strings, basses - all quite convincing without too much of the "metallic" overtones present in some FM synths.

It also features a decent arpeggiator and a rich but simple filter section. Effects are limited, but do the job.

The manual is nicely designed, but too basic. Would like to see a little bit more on the FM part of the synth or at least some links to information rather than assuming the user is already experienced in that area.


Does it have every bell & whistle and an endless list of features with highly tweakable multi-point envelopes? No. Will you miss them? I doubt it. You can get to where you want to go fairly easily and are rewarded with a thick, organic sound. Don't be put off by it's relative simplicity. I had long wanted a Yamaha FS1R hardware synth and now the desire is laid to rest in this well-designed, tasty instrument.

BTW, check out my new soundset soon to be added to the Toxic website to see what this baby is capable of. (Tom Johnson)
Reviewed By mikejade [read all by] on August 22nd, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.2 on Windows.
Last edited by mikejade on 23rd August 2005.
Ok, so I read the review in some magazine. OK, so they warned me to have the credit card handy if I try the demo. This time they were right.

I am not into dance/trance music, my choice of synth is the one that can be used in indie rock, pop, jazzy even. So I was considering NI Pro-53, which is really great for the job.

But this one appeared with its 6 oscilators, wide range of waveforms, FM matrix, 2 LFOs, Filter, Amp, Distortion, 32 step sequencer, EQ and effects, and took the prime spot. Basically, this can do Moog, Pro-53 or Albino.

Layout is very ergonomic and easy to understand. You could say it has some touching points with LinPlug design. All buttons can be tweaked without buzz. Key response is quick, no latency problems.

There is a huge number of presets that show the whole range of the synth, although the emphasis is on dance music. Most presets are usefull, huge selection of bass, lead and pad variations.

Sound: powerful, convincing. Effects are really useful. Goes to the mix without the need for additional tweaking or boosting.

CPU usage is surprisingly low, even with pads. No crash jet.

I had some problems with MIDI assigning, since Toxic has pre-defined controls cc #1-30 that can be assigned to parameters, while my controler Edirol PCR-30 has different numbering. But, I can assign control through Tracktion anyway so this is no issue for me. I contacted Maxx about it, and he was very helpful and quick to reply. He promised to fix it in the next major update.

As I said, I tried the demo, saw the very attractive price and concluded that this is the only commercial synth I need. Price/performance here is unbeatable.

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