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Trilogy has an average user rating of 4.00 from 9 reviews

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Reviewed By AnotherBob [all]
March 27th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Trilogy is a one stop bass shop with more bottom than Jennifer Lopez. The sound is professional and full while the selection is varied. This VSTi focuses on three types of bass sounds; electric bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, and electronic bass synthesizer. A large number of patches are arranged first by these three areas, then broken down further to make it easy to track down just the right sound. The best electronic bass sounds are analog and Trilogy provides a nice array of samples and patches. But while the original instruments are professionally processed and sampled, the resulting patches within Trilogy are a bit static. You do have the ability to program filter and eg’s but you do not have the control of the original synthesizers. Nor do you have control of the wonderful analog filters that were originally samples. Tweaking patches feels about like running a Moog or Oberheim through a digital filter, so I just leave them alone. The acoustic and electric bass guitar patches are also nice, but it can be a bit of work to play fast paced 16th notes. Fast 16th notes can cause problem in some cases. There is a solution, but the solution is more a work around than a way to work. This is my one disappointment for the otherwise top level instrument.

This is the instrument I use for bass as I begin every song. In later stages I may switch to a synth with more control or a more extensive bass sample collection. Even then, it is nice and efficient to have a single bass instrument that I know well and frequently depend on for bottom end.

User Interface - Looks nice but too large.
Sound - Absolutely wonderful.
Features - Few but not really necessary.
Documentation - A pamphlet comes in the box.
Presets - Lots and lots.
Customer Support - Responsive.
Value For The Money - Good considering that this VSTi can be used in almost every song you produce.
Stability - Never crashes my system.

I would buy it again.
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