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for Xhip Synthesizer [Show all for]
by aciddose [Show all by] on 25 September 2017
Downloaded: 180 times
Is it a bug or a feature?

Sometimes I look at the code and realize it does things I had no idea it could do. In this case the text width function doesn't discount the color codes (a bug) but it does nonetheless otherwise work as intended.

... that is, assuming I had ever intended for it to work at all.
01 - saw to sea
02 - pads with beeps
03 - pads without beeps
04 - kick drum
05 - kick drum 2
06 - supersaw pads
07 - tiny supersaw
08 - bright saws
09 - trance pad
10 - trance pluck pad
11 - trance reverse pluck
12 - tape pluck
13 - plucky
14 - virtual hapsichord
15 - noisy 303
16 - distorted xhip
17 - radio noise
18 - laser fx
19 - wind in microphone
20 - wow
21 - bright woi
22 - harpsichord pad
23 - upside down pling
24 - upside down xylophone
25 - fluhee
26 - club frog
27 - digi clap
28 - mandoline pad
29 - hi korgis
30 - cessna
31 - 80s release note
32 - squeeky band pluck

presets for Xhip synthesizer by EatMe
music by EatMe: http://eatme.pro/music
Xhip factory bank
for Xhip Synthesizer [Show all for]
by aciddose [Show all by] on 28 May 2017
Downloaded: 189 times
Xhip's 'factory bank' and 'synth drums 1.e' created by aciddose during Xhip development.

Provided in Xhip 8 .xhipbank format. Not compatible with older versions of the plug-in.

Includes a variety of presets originating way back in 2003 as well as a few contributed presets.

The factory bank has been edited and updated over the years for different versions of the plug-in.

The drum bank was created specifically for version 8 of the plug-in and attempts to implement every GM2 drum-sound.
for Xhip Synthesizer [Show all for]
by RichardSemper [Show all by] on 6 March 2016
Downloaded: 314 times
Soundbanks for XHip by Richard Semper

Drums1, Hats, Kicks, Drumkit1 - Used in my OSC85 entry 'Hopelessly Romantic' using Drum Mode.
Load bank into an instance of XHip - activate drum mode and set velocity control to taste.

RS XHip Bank 1 - Melodic patches I created during One-Synth Challenge.
Adjust Velocity and voices settings in control for best effect with some patches (these settings do not save with the patch)

Enjoy :)


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17 March 2013 at 1:51pm

after reading your positive review i dont understand your 7/10 rating.

18 March 2013 at 7:10pm

Lack of unison and a few pops/clicks while editing is what ruined it. Unison is somewhat easy to get over because I can easily do some stereo work in my DAW but the pops and clicks really do it in. Who honestly likes to hear a random *POP!* right in the middle of their track? Those two brought it down to 7/10. If unison was added I would rate 8/10. Fix the pops and clicks and I would rate 9/10. Fix both and you got 10/10.

22 March 2013 at 3:13am

If you could identify how to reproduce any clicks or pops and check that they also occur in the alpha version and report them to me, I'd appreciate it a lot. I have never experienced any clicks or pops during normal use of the current release of Xhip. It does produce some pops when changing specific parameters such as waveform, filter mode and others but "random" isn't accurate when describing those.

The latest alpha version has fixed the pops generated when switching oscillator waveforms.

19 March 2013 at 2:22pm

Actually, I am very surprised, it sounds excellent. Great filters :) But it comes at a price, just like Diva it consumes a lot of CPU as soon as you use unison :o.

I was just playing around with the slow brass preset, there are no clicks at all. I guess it depends on certain settings like attack and release velocity, but that applies to almost every synth.

Some of the presets are set way too loud.

19 March 2013 at 3:58pm

Most likely. As I said this is a steal for being a free synth. I got my pops when I was editing the filter cutoff. Then again I was an a different computer. I'll try it out again and see how it goes.

19 March 2013 at 4:09pm

Seems that sometimes there is a click when turning on unison first, then adding supersaw. When you turn the unison knob again, like from 4 to 5 and then back to 4, then the click is gone.

22 March 2013 at 3:15am

Those sorts of bugs are also things that I'd really appreciate being tested on the latest alpha and reported if they have not yet been fixed.


22 March 2013 at 3:10am

If you have any issues you should consider trying the alpha version available at http://xhip.net/alpha/ and reporting any issues you also find in that newer version.

Unison in Xhip is a "true" unison - it simply activates a multiple number of voices and applies detune to them. These are complete voices including 100% of the processing such as filters, waveshaper, envelopes, LFOs and so on. The CPU time required is exactly equal to that required for an equal number of voices. The voice counter will display 64 voices when using 16 polyphony and x4 unison, for example.

Oscillator unison is only supported for the ramp waveform but I hope to allow it on every waveform and provide more functionality in future releases.

1 March 2015 at 1:34am

The links above lead to some outdated site...

1 March 2015 at 2:39am

Which links are those?

If you mean the alpha page, it was last updated "14 Feb 2015 19:10".

1 March 2015 at 10:12am

Both the Xhip and Aciddose links led to this site last night:


Oddly, now only the Aciddose link does...

1 March 2015 at 2:39pm

Yes. It means that the domain name xhip.net remains the only available. The domain presetexchange.com is now left, so returned back for sale by the Domain Marketplace for any new interested future owner, xhip.net remaining the only available for the Aciddose users and visitors.

Therefore Aciddose should now update the developer link in the current KVR product page, simply. He will probably do after having read our two comments.

1 March 2015 at 8:19pm

Actually it seems someone picked up the domain and this is a nasty parked page with redirects to advertisers.

One would hope they would "fix" the mangled corpse of the domain name system by limiting the number of registrations one person/corporation can make using some sort of sliding pricing scale but they seem to have decided to launch a zombie army of fresh TLDs instead.

1 March 2015 at 8:13pm

That is odd actually, I suppose I must have never bothered to update the developer link. I'm certain the product page link was working though as I regularly get redirects from it to http://xhip.net/synth/.

Thanks for the heads-up! Unfortunately KVR doesn't allow no URL on the "developer" section so I suppose this can just remain the link to the main Xhip site.

3 March 2015 at 4:49pm

Is there a feedback thread? According to this page there is only one thread on Xhip, which is from 2013...

3 March 2015 at 9:12pm

I'm not sure what you mean by "feedback thread".

3 March 2015 at 9:17pm

Well, my opinion and potential bugs, which I suppose I should not post here ;)

3 March 2015 at 10:07pm

You can always contact me via PM or email if you like. The alpha page on the site describes that and I've tried to list as many issues as I'm aware of there.

As for any issues in the previous (7) version, these won't ever be "fixed" as they are until the next release unless they're major, such as a crash or similar. I haven't heard any reports of such issues. If that sort of issue did exist it would be possible for me to fix it, but these sort of "fixes" would just be back-patches to the old version while the same issues are most likely no longer present in the alpha.

30 August 2015 at 11:17pm

Hey, what's about this "7.0" stuff? Talking about version history of course.

31 August 2015 at 7:01am

Xhip has never really been "0.7", not as in a fraction at least.

Xhip is complete, the current version is the seventh release. I have laid out my plans to a tenth version and beyond, although after the tenth version Xhip will no longer be free.

Due to this, the future versions after the tenth will need a new name. Currently I refer to this as "Xhip 2.0" although this is only an abstract thing we could just as well refer to as "garden salad" or some code-name. To be honest it is just as likely it actually will be called Garden-salad... what I can tell you is it will not be named Xhip.

For people to consider the current and past releases "beta" is incorrect. Not because they are not "beta", but because people do not seem to understand what the letters of the greek alphabet represent in this case.

In the version string "" each number is divided by a point. The first number is a major release, sort of like a sequel if you will vs. the original series. The current version is the first series for Xhip. Beyond that, the next digit represents the release number which in this case is 7. It is more correct to label the version "7.0.0" than it is to label it "0.7" because of this fact. Nothing will ever go in the leading digit which still counts as "Xhip", therefore it has been dropped.

I hope this will help people to understand the version system although I will continue to use the same system internally, from now on you can simply consider the last release "7.0" and the next release to come "8.0".

31 August 2015 at 7:28am

Going a little further with this, the first number wouldn't be "version 1", it would be "gamma 1".

The last number is a revision, used to represent something like a bug-fix or a change in the installer or other components that aren't core to the plugin. Essentially the same version (alpha-beta-gamma) only "fixed".

The alpha versions are "latest" stuff. Mostly untested, likely to change but this doesn't mean "unfinished".

The beta versions are the main versions, these are like episodes or releases "1.0" and so on which is why I've changed the number on KVR to match this.

The gamma versions are major versions, as I said more like a sequel or complete remake. You wouldn't expect "gamma 0" to be compatible with "gamma 1" because that is what that number represents. It could be compatible of course, but it would be a completely separate new version and not just another episode of the same series or so on.

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