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Reviewed By Intrepolicious [read all by] on September 22nd, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.26 on iOS

Absolutely the most comprehensive and inspiring modular synthesis environment anywhere! With its innovative and fluid UI, building the synthesizers of your dreams are limited only by your imagination. Roll your own, and/or add any number of AUv3 synths, AUv3 MIDI effects/sequencers, and AUv3 audio effects to your project. Manipulate, mangle, morph and sequence audio samples easily, or scrub through a sample on a granular level with the new Wave Scanner module.

Drambo can host all of it, or Drambo itself is a Multi-out audio AUv3 which can be hosted in your favorite DAW. It can even host itself (Load instances of Drambo auv3 inside the standalone host!)! Flexibility is only part of what makes Drambo the KING.

Drambo is a sound designer's paradise!

On top of all that, you can then use all of the amazing sounds you've just created in conjunction with Drambo's feature rich song building tools to create music of any genre. Clip launching, pattern building, and a virtually unlimited number of tracks and scenes, you can create a beat, a song, or an entire album.

The possibilities are literally endless with what you can create with Drambo. Only the sky (and your imagination) is the limit.

- Edward Alexander (aka Intrepolicious).

Reviewed By scotty64 [read all by] on September 22nd, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.25 on iOS

I would give this app ten stars if that would be possible. And it's difficult to put this app into a specific category because it is so versatile:

  • The Drambo UI and the way how the patching and connecting works are perfect for touchscreens - even smaller iPads. A pleasure to work with. No microscopic knobs or dangling virtual wires.
  • Clear sound. One can build great sounding synths, drums and effects just with the built in modules.
  • I play mostly hardware synthesizers, and Drambo is great for sequencing external gear.
  • The app is worth every penny you pay for it. So are the IAPs.

In two words: Well done.

Reviewed By hotelsinus [read all by] on September 22nd, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.0.2 on Mac

This is still my Favorite Can't Live Without 303emulation.
But now i need to give up on OS X coz the 32-bit VST limitation...

Reviewed By Setthasak1997 [read all by] on September 22nd, 2023
Version reviewed: 10 on Windows.
Last edited by Setthasak1997 on 22nd September 2023.

RX Elements ช่วยให้ฉันทำงานได้อย่างมีประสิทธิภาพมาก ขอบคุณที่ทำให้ฉันได้ใช้ผลิตภัณฑ์ที่ดีและถูกกฎหมายจริงๆ.

Reviewed By saikatgharami147 [read all by] on September 21st, 2023
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Very cool plugin to use and very simple as well :) Thank you KVR guys for this free gift absolutely loving it :).

Reviewed By ex-sprinter [read all by] on September 21st, 2023
Version reviewed: 10 on Mac

What I like the most is the simplicity of use. You don't need much time to find out how it works, so you have more time for creativity. Thanks.

Reviewed By Moderndayblue [read all by] on September 21st, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.25 on iOS

dRambo sits right in the heart of my studio.

I use it for everything, sequencing, synthesis, sound design, composition,

controlling my external hardware synths and for my physical Eurorack modules.

Get it, dive right in, it's fun.

aka Gravitas.

Reviewed By withandi [read all by] on September 21st, 2023
Version reviewed: 10 on Windows.
Last edited by withandi on 21st September 2023.

Great tool for cleaning audio form unwanted artefacts. You have separate plugins for each type of work and highly tweakable or AI powered complete solution. And algorythms are far more precise than other companies plugins.And best of all it has very small impact on resources of your system.

Reviewed By dendy77 [read all by] on September 21st, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.* on iOS

Absolutely fantastic app, almost infinite possibilities, sound quality stellar but still light on CPU. Enormous amount of modules, synthesis/fx heaven. Perfect groovebox / live performance tool. Must have for every iOS musician .

Reviewed By neztic [read all by] on September 20th, 2023
Version reviewed: 10 on Mac

It a fantastic and streamlined way to clean and balance your old or flawed recordings. excellent bang for your money.