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Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on July 8th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows
CUBE is a synth with it's special sound. If you HATE alaising then this one's for you. It's sound is very versatile from acoustic simulations to typically additive sounds. It is destined to create evolving sounds via the very extensive envelopes. But this is only one of the most obvious sound areas that CUBE covers. It can even make VERY convincing analogue stuff if you are ever in a need of these sounds from the CUBE. ;-) This synth can sound as clear as fresh water or as hot and dangerous as a volcano. This is not a synth that can produce ONLY nice sounds.
The concept of the user interface is DIFFERENT!!! You have to make yourself friends with this new concept as you won't find a cutoff and resonance knob. But when you understood how things are going here you will LOVE the possibilities as you can do a lot more than with a cutoff and a resonance control.
It's a breeze to get new exciting sounds: Press the slot machine and make a few tweaks: Save the new sound.
You want control: Choose one of the provided source presets, add an EG preset and there ya go.
You want it all: It's so cool how fast you can tailor decay times for a few dozen partials with one mouse stroke! change the filter curve, add some breath or movement by mixing in some noise: Sound design is so much fun with this synth.

I was a beta tester of CUBE.
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on May 7th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.1 on Windows
This drum synth came into my VST folder for to try it out. Long time I didn't use it. But then I just wanted some quick electronic drums and I gave it a try. Surprised, it works as I want to.
This scenario happened several times and last time yesterday so I thought I'll give it a heads up here.

There are some usable drumsets for it which tells me that it sounds really good. I only dial in the presets and it works. Someday maybe I'll do some on my own.
I mainly use it for softer drum sounds and it excels there. Through some bitcrusher and VW and CurveEQ yesterday and it sounded just right.
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on February 26th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
This is a character synth!
Analog synthesis: Very good sound, excellent filters. Lot's of character in all ranges from lo bass to brilliance.
Spectrum synthesis: Something very cool and extremely good sounding. Fresh and versatile which adds to everything else I own. Unique sounds that no other synth I own can do this way.
Wave synthesis: Interesting but a little unpredictable. But that is beautiful in some way. Sounds good, too.
Lot's of really tasty programmed sounds come with D'Cota.
I tend to call it the little brother of Virsyn TERA as it's created by Virsyn. If you don't own TERA and want to get the fantastic Spectrum osc sounds this could be the synth for you. D'Cota is smaller in interface and features but has enough features to be the one-and-only synth if you want to. It's no problem to play whole arrangements with this synth without the obvious need to use something else. In general I would describe this synths sound as phat and warm.
Soundwise this synth is on a top level like few other synths.
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on December 8th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
My favourite synth. Period. Very versatile. Has a GREAT sound.
Do you want it fat? I can hear you.
Do you want it agressive? Oh yes, I can hear you.
You want it smooth as silk/cream? One of the easiest things.
Check out the 400 FANTASTIC presets. World class.

User interface: Well, I don't like the scrollwheel approach too much but I got used to it. Looks nice though.

Sound: Did I already say that this synth sounds absolutely awesome? Wanna replace e.g. your JP8000 with a VSTi? No problem with this one.

Features: Man, it can do a lot. 6 OSCis, 2 Filters with 10 different characteristics that sound great, 6 LFOs, 8 Envelopes, tons of FX, etc., etc.

Documentation. Good and nearly complete.

Presets: Awesome. Usable.

Customer support: One of the best in the whole world.

Value for the money: Compared to the (few) other top notch VSTis this synth is at the lower end of the price range. Worth every cent.

Stability: Didn't crash once. Super stable.

If you think that VSTis are toys: Check out this one and prepare to get shocked. One of the best shocks around. ;-)
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on October 14th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
This is a modern sample based VSTi which is a good thing as this thing allows me to quickly dial up certain standard sounds plus some more.

This is already the real strength of this synth -SIMPLICITY- as it has the right blend of not too many parameters but enough to make some changes to the sounds, easy and predictable. I've got enough super versatile synths for the mega tweaking so this simplicity here is a real strength.

User interface: not good looking to me and the controls don't feel cool when moving so while there aren't too many of them and I don't tweak this thing very much I can tolerate that.

Sound quality: Some sounds are really great. some samples could be better but generally it works for what I want from it.

Features: The one feature I really miss is the ability to use own samples. I'm not sure if that would really do but in some situations it's highly desirable.

Documentation: The manual is OK.

Presets: Some really good ones, a lot OK ones, with own programming much more cool stuff is possible.

Customer support: These guys really want to help and do know a lot.

Value for money: Definitely yes!

Stability: Completely stable.
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on April 28th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows

This synth is a class of it's own. This is the best FM VSTi. For what it does the CPU usage is quite low. This alone is worth it. The sound character is awesome. I would like to give it an 11 for the sound. Everything from cutting through to super washy pads to monster basses to rhythmic ravers. The presets that come with it are very good and usable for me. And it can import DX7 patches. So I can load all these cheesy 80's sounds. And all the good ones, too.
The Easy Edit page is very good and the random thingy does the rest. :-)
The one thing that I have to critisize: THE FILTER IS ONLY IN MONO!!! There are two filters, why not making a stereo mode? That would make this synth even better.

Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on April 28th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.4a on Windows
Funny little synth! This thingy has some serious sounds that are instant eighties to me! I used it in one song yet and it works great in the mix in a wonderful way. It's not up in the face but it's very clearly audible. Very nice. No preset selector yet so it's not so cool to make sounds. But as fast as this synth improved over the last few weeks I'm sure that Alex will make it even better.

Thanx a lot, Alex!
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on April 28th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows
Fat, fast, furious, it has an own character. I like this synth. At 44 kHz it sounds aggressive and at 96kHz it puts on an expensive coat and starts sounding smooooooooth..... I like the filters. Especially the Moog one.
Very nice! Few features but it's a specialized synth and therfor I like the limited feature set though my choices would have been different. Quite versatile for the few sliders.

This thingy can make some serious noise! Sound cuts through some mix. Sounds really good. Yeah.

Heavy on CPU but only a few top notch synths are light on CPU...
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on February 13th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.4 on Windows
This thing is special! It's not my all-do all-time instrument but it has some sounds I heard nowhere else and I love these sounds. It can sound like a cheap toy and it can sound very expensive, too. I love the unison, gives some serious walls of sound. The oversampling feature is very cool also, it's a sound shaping thingy and with it I can choose also the amount of alaising I want to have OR NOT WANT TO HAVE! Very low on CPU compared to the big sound it has.

Interface: Great! Very stylish since it has it's new look.
Sound: Very good and outstanding, very versatile.
Features: Tons of Modulations options, wow!
Documentation: Very good manual.
Presets: Well there are quite some but I make my own sounds which suits my needs much better in this case.
Customer support: Great company, very responsive.
Value for the money: Top instrument for a slim price.
Stability: Stable, didn't crash.
Reviewed By bajongo [read all by] on December 2nd, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.21 on Windows.
Last edited by bajongo on 8th April 2002.

Update to version 1.21:

New GUI which I like much more. Now it's also a full fledged midi driven VST VOCODER which sounds really good. MultiOSC for extra lush sounds. Even more. Top notch.

This thing rocks, here's why:

- Sound is excellent, from vanilla soft ice to chilly chicken to space cowboy.
- Stability, it doesn't crash.
- Features are cool. Lots of cool stuff inside. Only thing I really miss is the pulsewidth knob for the oscis.
- Tons of good presets, some really blew me away. Very tasteful sound programming.
- Customer Support is great. Just the way it is needed and more.
- Did I say that it sounds very good? Very versatile.

If you ever dreamed of a synth like a Moog or an Oberheim you will like this synth.