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Phoscyon [read all reviews]
Reviewed By dj ray [read all by] on 16th November 2006
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows.
Last edited by dj ray on 5th March 2009.
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Ah, the classic TB 303! The squelchy, burping, warbling screaming TB 303! It is a legend amongst synthesizers, possibly even more so than the Mini. There is just something about that sound that gets our hands up in the air every time! And, like the Mini, the silver box remains one of the most emulated synths in software. Most of those emulations have been rather funny, while some were genuinely good. Rebirth got the ball rolling, and Muon and Audio Realism brought the 303 into the VST realm, along with many many freeware synths of varying quality. While Rebirth may not be considered as ‘serious’ an emulation in this day and age, Audio Realism did a pretty good job right? So do we really need another 303 emulation? Well, how should I say this? Hell yeah. Especially when it sounds disturbingly like the real McCoy. There are many electronic musicians looking for that holy grail in 303 emulation, and this, my friends may very well be it! Just download the demo, give it a go and you won’t but help notice the similarities. Both square and saw waves have that distinctive 3 dimensional character missing in other emulations and the filter is, again, very convincing; the 303’s bubbling basslines and screaming squelches can be faithfully recreated. D16 have nailed the wave shapes and filter, no question about it! Now while the original 303 still fetches ridiculous prices on the second hand market by virtue of its sound, it is still a fairly unremarkable little synth. D16 have taken the liberty of pimping out their 303 with a wicked distortion effect as well as a flexible little arpeggiator. Additionally, the synth boasts additional envelope controls that offer a bit more sound shaping flexibility ala the Devilfish mod for the 303. I have little to complain about here. I’ve long been looking for the ultimate 303 emu, and Phoscyon has delivered with (in my opinion) the 303 to beat! The GUI is a sight to behold, and the customer service is second to none! Plus, with the recent price drops, you can now get your hands on authentic acid for silly money. C'mon, everyone does need a 303...
MinimogueVA [read all reviews]
Reviewed By dj ray [read all by] on 7th November 2005
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows.
Last edited by dj ray on 7th November 2005.
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This has got to be one of KVR's best kept secrets, because otherwise there would be a lot more reviews. Either that, or you guys don't like your Moog synths! Anyway, on with the review!

I have been in love with the Moog sound ever since I was a kid (G-Funk anyone?) and had my bleary eye on either the Arturia Minimoog or the G-Media Minimonsta. I decided to save my money when I saw (and heard) this guy! Why? The sound ladies, the sound. It growls, it screams, it bloody Moogues! The interface isn't half bad either, and it works great with MIDI. You have some decent onboard FX, a nifty arpeggiator, a full complement of Moogish controls, as well as a nice gate. All this for nought!

Well done! If you go to the site, you can hear this bad boy in action compared to the Minimonsta and the original Mini. Very, VERY close! I still can't believe it's free. Its very warm, and really adds presence to a mix, whether its called in for bass duties or leads 'n fx, just like its venerable ancestor. If you've gotta have a soft Moog, and even if you've got the cash, try this puppy first! You just might be surprised! I know I was! Kudos to the programmers!
Bass Station [read all reviews]
Reviewed By dj ray [read all by] on 7th November 2005
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by dj ray on 7th November 2005.
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Once again, Novation make all us classic gear hunter’s dreams come true with a reincarnated software version of their dinky, yet much loved Bassstation synth. For anyone that’s used the real deal, this puppy is identical in terms of sound and layout, even down to being able to load up original ‘Station presets. Yes it’s monophonic, but hey, it’s called a BASS station for a reason. If its analog style basses you’re after, this does the job and then some. From Moog to 303, the 'station makes all sorts of vintage bass noises, and what noises! You get warmth, you get presence, and you get filth! Everything one could want from a bass synth! Leads and FX are also well catered for, and if you can’t find what you are looking for in the presets, it’s a cinch to cook up your own using the ‘vintage’ interface. The best thing Novation have done however, is make this a supremely CPU efficient little plug! I mean you can load up a whole bunch of these babies with hardly a dent in the system. This can easily become your main bass workhorse, and is destined to become a classic in its own right!