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Reviewed By Ten4 [read all by] on May 17th, 2010
Version reviewed: latest on Windows.
Last edited by Ten4 on 17th May 2010.
I found this vocoder at KVR looking in the forums for a vocoder. I came across a lot of options, and ELS vocoder was one I had settled on after hearing demo's. The ELS vocoder is about $300 though. I found Vokko for $20 not long after. They are different beasts and I'm only comparing them here because I had pretty much settled on ELS vocoder before I found Vokko. ELS has a superb analog sound and would probably win for new unique sounds and for certain types of vocoding. But Vokko is capable of some wonderfully intelligible results, and capable of giving them quickly and easily. It gives woderful traditional results and it blows me away how clear and easy to understand my recorded lyrics come across.

Vokko has soundfont support built in and soundfonts are supplied as selectable presets, and once routing in my DAW was acheived it was instant gratification. To scroll through the soundfonts and achieve drastically different results on my voice quickly and easily is a godsend. The soundfonts are well chosen and give a good variety of results quickly and easily.

I really don't see how this cannot overall score less than a 9/10 at least. The documentation could be a tad better re: setting it up in different DAW's and some newbies may be lost here to an extent. But customer support has been top notch. This is a labour of love for the creator, don't expect big company response here (but that is a good thing coming from having dealt with many big companies!). Buying this gave me that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting an artist for their good work, and I am extra happy with the price! $20 is ridiculous. With a better U.I and bigger marketing this could fetch much more (nothing wrong with the U.I btw, works fine).

A final note. This is apparently Synth Edit. I don't care. Forget about any misgivings you may with synthedits capabilities and limitations. There are quite a few great synthedit based units out there...This is one of those units. I put it down to to great programming and know how. Vokko just sounds like a really clear, really musical and really top notch vocoder.